Daniel Cormier once considered emulating Mike Tyson’s actions during UFC 178 presser brawl with Jon Jones

Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones had one of the biggest rivalries in UFC history. DC, who was undefeated in the light heavyweight division, got the chance to face another undefeated fighter. Cormier was one of those fighters in the UFC who knew how to defeat his opponents, except for one.

DC and Jones fought twice, and both times Daniel failed to register the win. Nevertheless, DC was able to set the milestone in the 205-pound and 265-pound weight categories, becoming the only man after Conor McGregor to hold two belts simultaneously. Recently, he revealed an instance when he wanted to bite Jon Jones in an altercation.

Cormier considered biting Jon Jones in a press conference altercation.

The UFC Hall of Famer called off his career with 22 wins and 3 losses and, on August 15, taking retirement after losing the fight to Stipe Miocic in a third encounter. Cormier has always been a dominant fighter in the MMA cage. From Bellator to the UFC, DC got himself included in the UFC’s most hyped fights.

Recently, on the Joe Rogan Experience show, Cormier shed some light on his rivalry with Jones. When both fighters were about to face each other for the very first time in UFC 178, there was absolute chaos in the whole MMA community.

Trash-talking to brawl in public led to absolute hype for their first matchup. In that brawl, the former double champ provoked the UFC heavyweight champion in Mike Tyson style.

DC told Joe Rogan how he emulated Mike Tyson’s neck grab face-off and also tried to bite in one of his face-offs against “Bones.”

Cormier said, “So we get to fighting, and we’re fighting, and Joe, the security guard from the UFC, falls under me. But now I’m on my back as we go flying off the stage. I will say there was a thought to bite the motherf***** because, what am I doing on my back, right?”

Has Daniel Cormier ever beaten Jon Jones?

Cormier and Jones got three chances to fight each other. But only two fights took place in the UFC Octagon. The first-time the current UFC heavyweight champion was able to beat the UFC Hall of Famer via unanimous decision at UFC 178.

But when the rematch was about to take place, “Bones” was found guilty of taking banned substances. Due to this, many experts questioned Jones’ work ethic, who claimed to be the GOAT of the UFC.

After coming out of his banned phase, Jones secured a knockout victory over Daniel, but once again he was found guilty of using banned substances.

Though it would have been Cormier’s first victory overturned, the returning former champion was found not guilty of using the substance knowingly, and the decision went towards “No Contest.”.

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