“You can’t fail drug tests” MMA coach slams UFC heavyweight champion Jon Jones over “GOAT” claim

Firas Zahabi is one of the individuals who have a view that is contrary to the notion that Jon Jones is the greatest MMA fighter of all time.

In the main event of UFC 285, which took place on March 4 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Jon Jones fought against Cyril Gane to claim the heavyweight title which had been up for grabs since January, when Francis Ngannou left the company.

Since his impressive first-round victory, a question arises if there are any MMA fighters who can match Jon Jones’s record of success. There aren’t many people left who would disagree that Bones is indeed the GOAT, but some do exist. MMA coach Firas shared his point of view regarding the topic.

What is Firas Zahabi’s take on Jon Jones’ GOAT status?

According to Firas Zahabi, Jon should not be referred to as the GOAT because he has a history of testing positive for PEDs (performance-enhancing drugs). The MMA trainer makes special reference to the fact that Jones failed a drug test prior to his fight against Daniel Cormier in 2017 when he was found to have a positive result for turinabol metabolite.

However, Jones lately discovered that all of his results that made him positive back in the day were under the new legal limit. Which means he would have been cleared from every test he has taken. This is in accordance with the revised rules regarding picogram levels and what is allowed by the United States Anti-Doping Agency.

The Canadian martial artist is not still impressed with Bones. In one of his videos on YouTube, Firas voiced his disagreement with Jon’s assertion that he is the GOAT.

“Jon Jones calls himself the GOAT. I hate to say it. But he’s not the GOAT. You can’t fail drug tests and be the GOAT. If you guys ask me, can I put my vote in the hat? If you get caught on a banned substance. Okay not weed or like they have some weird things on there. If you get caught with a hormone. I think you should be banned for life.”

The 43-year-old MMA fighter also claims according to a study on hormones and PED conducted by the University of Toronto the effects of such drugs taken by Jones are irreversible

Just after winning the heavyweight title, Jon imitated a goat’s bleating to prove that he is, in fact, the greatest mixed martial artist of all time.

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