“Time to correct history” Kevin Lee calls out Tony Ferguson for rematch after UFC 216 defeat

Kevin Lee, who had recently returned to the UFC, is now looking forward to fighting Tony Ferguson in order to exact revenge for his loss at UFC216. Lee signed a new contract in February, which marked his return to the organization after an absence of over a year as a fighter for the company.

After being released from the Ultimate Fighting Championship, The ‘Motown Phenom’ signed with Eagle Fighting Championship to resume his mixed martial arts career. However, the American fighter was always eager to return to the UFC in order to avenge his interim lightweight title bout loss to Tony Ferguson.

UFC veteran Kevin Lee signed with the promotion in 2014, but his most recent victory came three years ago in 2019 against Gregor Gillespie on UFC 244. Apart from defeating ‘The Gift’, Lee only had a victory over Edson Barboza in the past five years, giving him an 18-7-0 record in mixed martial arts.

Will Kevin Lee and Tony Ferguson square off again?

As it has now been a month after Kevin’s return, the question that arises at this point is who The Motown Phenom will compete against next. According to a recent tweet, it is conceivable that the 30-year-old fighter would be interested in facing Tony again to settle the old scores.

On his Twitter account, Lee just recently shared a fan-made poster titled “time to correct history,” in which he and Tony are featured for their rematch. EL Cucuy has not commented on the tweet as of yet; however, given that the veteran has now lost five fights in a row, it is reasonable to believe that he may simply be enthusiastic about a rematch against his previous victim.

If you had to guess, who do you think Kevin Lee will face when he returns to the octagon: Tony Ferguson or someone else?


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