UFC star Jorge Masvidal discards possibility of bout vs Jake Paul claiming Youtuber-turned-boxer “wouldn’t be ready for that heat”

There was a chance that Jorge Masvidal and Jake Paul might engage in a bout against one another, but Jorge believes that Paul is not yet prepared to compete against him in the ring.

The first time Masvidal and Paul crossed paths was in 2021 when Jake was just starting out in the realm of combat sports as a professional boxer. Jorge assisted Jake in his training and preparation for his third bout against Ben Askren.

Later on, though, Gamebred and The Problem Child did not have such a good relationship, and they came dangerously close to getting into a fight with each other. Despite the fact that they did not engage in physical conflict in the end, their relationship continued to deteriorate and is not on good terms.

What does Jorge Masvidal say about fighting Jake Paul?

After defeating Ben, Paul scheduled a fight against Tyron Woodley, and right around that time, Paul and the Welterweight fighter got into a dispute that was never resolved.

“Yeah, so he started acting like a h*e. He switched up randomly one day. You know he has the same manager as Tyron, so of course, when I signed the deal with Tyron and then boom like he’s instantly like ‘F**k Jake Paul. Tyron’s going to beat this guy’s ass’. But I’m like, weren’t you the one asking me to hang out and do your little YouTube videos and shit?” Masvidal said during that time.

The YouTuber-turned-boxer now has a professional record of 6-1-0 after suffering his very first defeat by split decision against Tommy Fury last month; two judges had the fight scored 76-73 for Fury, while the third had it scored 75-74 for Paul. 

After more than a year since their brawl, the UFC BMF belt holder appeared on the DAZN Boxing Show to discuss the prospect of a bout with Paul. The 38-year-old MMA fighter still does not see any possibility of him fighting Jake in the near future.

“Jake Paul wouldn’t be ready for that heat,” said Gamebred.

Jorge is going to fight in the upcoming UFC 287 against Gilbert Burns. However, Jake’s next fight is probably a rematch with Tommy. But do you think there is any chance at all that Jake Paul and Jorge Masvidal will fight anytime soon?

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