Skip Bayless delivers harsh criticism of Travis Kelce for poor display vs Packers in fifth Taylor Swift appearance

Travis Kelce’s girlfriend was once again spotted at a Chiefs game. In her fifth appearance at the Kansas City Chiefs game, Taylor Swift passionately cheered for Travis Kelce and his team at Lambeau Field, clad in Chiefs colors. Accompanied by Patrick Mahomes’ wife, they were captured on camera, bundled against the cold. 

While NFL fans had diverse reactions to the ‘Love Story’ singer’s presence, sports commentator Skip Bayless expressed skepticism. 

Skip Bayless expresses discontent over Travis Kelce’s performance

The Kansas City Chiefs played against the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field on a Sunday night. The Chiefs faced a significant defeat with a final score of 29-17.

The loss has left Chiefs fans concerned about the team’s playoff chances. The Chiefs now find themselves trailing three other contenders in the race for the AFC’s top seed.

Travis Kelce, the Chiefs’ quarterback, had his girlfriend, Taylor Swift, in attendance at the game. Taylor Swift is considered by some to be a good luck charm for the Chiefs based on their previous victories when she attended games. However, in the recent game, she attended and witnessed the team’s de.

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Sports commentator Skip Bayless expressed skepticism about Taylor Swift’s supposed good luck charm on Twitter, emphaszing the poor performance of Travis Kelce. He questioned the impact of Swift’s presence, particularly given that the game was on national TV and the Chiefs lost.

During the game, Kelce managed to secure four receptions for a total of 81 yards. However, during the last play of the game, he was unable to make a fifth catch when Patrick Mahomes attempted a Hail Mary pass to the endzone in a bid to equalize and extend the game into overtime. Bayless criticzed the TE for showing this lack of perfromance in front of Taylor.

Bayless’s tweet read, “Wait, the Chiefs lost in a national TV game with HER on the scene, up in a box? She went all the way to Green Bay, Wisconsin for THAT?”

Despite previous victories with Swift in attendance, this game against the Packers was the first time the Chiefs lost with her present. This aspect drew attention and speculation from fans and sports commentators, especially from Skip Bayless. He questioned people’s claims that Swift brings good luck to the Chiefs and gives Kelce an extra boost of confidence, because what we saw in the last game was the complete opposite.

Taylor Swift’s cute nickname for Travis

During the Chiefs game against the Packers, Swift was actively cheering for Travis Kelce and the Chiefs, expressing enthusiasm through clapping and yelling.

Fans shared a clip on social media in which Swift affectionately shouted, “Come on, Trav,” during the game, using a cute nickname for Travis Kelce.

Fans found this moment endearing, with one expressing difficulty moving on from the charm of Swift’s encouragement.

Like Taylor, Travis Kelce also has a nickname for Taylor. While talking about Taylor Swift on his podcast, “New Heights,” co-hosted with his brother Jason Kelce. Travis thanked Swift for her social media support after she liked an Instagram post celebrating his tight-end achievements. He referred to Swift as “Tay” and appreciated her on the Chiefs page.

So, it’s Tay and Trav now. In the past few months, the couple has grown more affectionate towards each other and even spent more time together. While critics like Skip Bayless will keep passing comments on them, Taylor and Travis remain unfazed and enjoy their professional and personal lives.

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