Philadelphia 76ers’ PF Joel Embiid makes Kevin Hart look like a small child with his dad in Eagles vs 49ers NFC Championship game

Besides the Los Angeles Chargers’ star player Joey Bosa, there were another couple of famous faces like Philadelphia 76ers forward Joel Embiid and Hollywood celebrity Kevin Hart at the NFC championship game. It appears the event was a star-studded celebrity festival.

While Joey Bosa was supporting his brother’s San Francisco 49ers, Joel Embiid and Kevin Hart were die-hard Philadelphia Eagles fans. Eventually, the Eagles won, and this duo was caught on camera experiencing the vibe in the stadium.

However, while we observe some of these videos and images, we can feel the struggle of the person behind the camera to contain them in the same frame.

How were Joel Embiid and Kevin Hart looking together on camera?

When we hear the name Kevin Hart, an amusing smile appears on our faces due to the Hollywood star’s height insecurity. The Kevin Hart meme is quite popular among the netizens, and after appearing on camera with Embiid, we literally can’t hold ourselves.

The 7-foot NBA player appears to be twice the size of the 5.2-foot actor. Hart barely reached Embiid’s chest while standing side by side. But the height issue has no bearing on either of them; they are both reveling in the eagles’ victory.

One Twitter user actually said, “Kevin hart looks like kids next to Joel Embiid.”

However, the Eagles fans are also appreciating these BIG fans’ appearances in the stadium last night. Joel was obviously having one of the best periods of his life. His team, the 76ers, is the second seed in the Eastern Conference, and his individual performance is skyrocketing this season.

The Sixers’ game against the 13th-seeded Orlando Magic tonight might produce another Joel Embiid miracle. Overall, the Phillies have had a successful season in both the NBA and the NFL.


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