“Rafael Nadal won’t say goodbye to tennis”: Retired tennis star makes Nadal revelation

The King of clay, Rafael Nadal withdrew from his dominion, the Roland Garros 2023 due to his unendurable hip injury. Bearing an exquisite record, the 37-year-old has marked his territory in the clay surface with 14 Roland Garros titles!

The countless injuries never seemed to stop Nadal, but his hip injury he suffered in the beginning of 2023 does come with its aftermath. During this year’s French Open, this psoas iliacus injury took a toll on Nadal that he had to withdraw and undergo an arthroscopic surgery. This began speculations about Rafael Nadal retiring soon. 

Former Tennis player Juan Mónaco, during an interview with CLAY, reported that the operation are steps that Rafael Nadal took to play Roland Garros again, shutting down all the rumors.

Juan Mónaco wishes Nadal to return following injury

Having played epic matches against each other, Pico and Rafa have established a strong friendship that started off through tennis. The Argentine speaks of how the contributions by Nadal and Federer cannot be surpassed no matter what. He believes that even if Djokovic will have more wins than these icons, he cannot outdo their impact on the world of tennis. 

When the interviewer asks if he wants Rafa to come back, Pico says, “I want him to come back, yes, but I also have another wish as a friend, that Rafa can live in peace, without so much pressure to come back with so much pain.” To have seen his friend go through such extent of pain for over 5 years has been through, he claims that Rafa will not say goodbye with that fierce determination and passion.

Mónaco reveals Nadal’s retirement plans

There have been numerous times when speculations raised about Rafa’s retirement. However, this time, his age and the seriousness of this injury might be factors to consider. This particular surgery demands a recovery period of about 5 months. According to the doctor, the 37-year-old will have to rest till mid or end of November. After which, Rafa can begin training for the 2024 season. 

Juan went on to speak of Nadal’s retirement plans and how it all depends on what the Spaniard wants to do. Rafa has a very high standard for himself and his friend, Pico says that if he puts his mind to it he will come back to win. If he steps back into training after this, he will train to win. If he wins, he will keep training harder to keep winning. He is not going to step back into training just to see what happens. 

Nadal decide jugar el torneo de Buenos Aires | Marca.com

So, the ride or die decision of his retirement all depends on if the King of Clay chooses to get back to training. 

Considering his age and his injuries, do you think the Spaniard has a chance? What do you think his choice will be? Let us know in the comments below!


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