Report: Michael Bisping-Dominick Cruz to replace Joe Rogan-Daniel Cormier as commentator at UFC 284

Not everyone recognizes this but the commentary is a rather integral part of UFC as a sport. Fights inside the Octagon can be entertaining when witnessed without a sound though most people would probably not prefer that. With UFC 284, some shakeups seem to be upcoming in the commentary department.

It has been reported that both former two-division champion hall of famer Daniel Cormier and popular Podcast-host Joe Rogan will be replaced by one-time middleweight champ Michael Bisping and two-time Bantamweight champion Dominic Cruz. Both these replacements have their own share of experience to fill in the role.

It is a commonly known fact that Joe Rogan has pretty much stopped commentating outside the USA. With arguably the most famous podcast in the world and his stand-up comedy programs, he has his hands full. Joe will probably far too much money staying inside the US than he would overseas.

Michael Bisping has been retired for a while but even he has stuck on with the sport in one way or the other. He is seen delivering pre and post-match analysis and commentary along with Octogon interviews. He also hosts his very own podcast named Believe You Me along with his co-host Light-heavyweight Anthony Smith.

Dominic Cruz is still active both in the commentary and in the combat department. Even though many tout him as the smartest fight analyst in the UFC, the legendary Bantamweight doesn’t seem able to translate the same success inside the Octagon. With back-to-back defeats to his name, he may transition to becoming a full time UFC staff in the future.

Does the absence of Daniel Cormier say anything about UFC 284?

Daniel Cormier is a very long-time gym partner of the lightweight king Islam Makhachev. The 155lb champion has recently shared his dissatisfaction with the way the UFC is promoting his fight against Volkanovski. Dana has already fired back at the lightweight and the absence of DC may indicate further consequences.

UFC 284 takes place on February 11th in Perth, Australia.


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