Roger Federer breaks into tear recalling his former coach Peter Carter

With 20 grand slam titles won in his career, Roger Federer is more than simply a renowned Swiss tennis player who broke several records in the sport’s history and also holds several additional records as a result of his consistency and endurance.

As a modest person, Federer never disrespected his former coaches and senior players, which made him one of the best personalities in the history of professional tennis. Whereas Rafael Nadal and other tennis greats around the world do sometimes belittle their coach’s contribution to the sport, Roger has been just the opposite. Maybe that is why he is the one and only Roger Federer. Greats will come and go, but Federer will live through it.

Why did Roger Federer yelp in front of an interviewer a few years ago?

A prolific tennis professional and one of the oldest active players, Roger Federer, is still at the peak of his game and the Swiss maestro has ruled the stage for the last twenty years.

The Swiss tennis master occasionally astonished himself by continuing to play for so long, but for the last couple of years he has not been playing regularly due to his long-term injuries.

Beyond his tennis career, King Roger often reminisces his memory by recalling his former mentors like Peter Carter, who played a big part in creating Federer’s enormous professional career from the beginning.

Federer recalled those golden days with Peter by saying, “When I was 16, Peter Carter joined the NTC, and he became my mentor. If I play the way I play today, it’s probably because of Peter.”

Roger Federer with Peter Carter

In a video interview in 2019, Roger Federer discussed a lot of things ahead of the Australian Open, but when he was asked about the source of his energy and enthusiasm, he boldly disclosed that Peter Carter was the first person who taught him the major tricks and techniques of tennis.

Few have maintained their dominance over Federer in their mid-thirties until today, following the greats of the past. The Swiss ace is unlike any tennis player he has ever seen, and his ranking demonstrates it as he is the only player over the age of 40 to be ranked in the top 100 in 2022.

Apart from expressing gratitude to his former coach, Federer also thanked his wife Mirka, who supported the tennis superstar in all situations.


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