Roman Reigns’ nephew to join the Bloodline? Exploring Zilla Fatu’s impending appearance at MITB following his cryptic IG post

Zilla Fatu might very possibly be a branch of the fabled Anoa’i Family tree’s Roman “The Tribal Chief” Reigns Bloodline group. As the sons of WWE Hall of Famer Rikishi, Solo Sikoa, “The Big Dog,” and The Usos make up the current lineup, they are all from the generation following Roman Reigns.

Several more family members may be found both inside and outside of WWE, such as “The Rock” Dwayne Johnson, Ava Raine of NXT (Simone Johnson, Dwayne’s kid), Trinity of Impact Wrestling (Jimmy Uso’s spouse), Lance Anoa’i, and Jacob Fatu of MLW.

Who is Zilla Fatu?

Ever since last year, Isayah Fatu who is also known as Zilla Fatu, has been receiving instruction at Reality of Wrestling Academy of Booker T. He recently discussed his notion about how he would deal with the other members of the group if he received a call from WWE on the To Be Someone podcast.

He belongs to the same generation as Sikoa and The Usos as he is the offspring of the late, legendary former WWE star Umaga. Zilla Fatu, the son of the late legendary WWE member Umaga has embraced Islam. He published a YouTube video announcing his conversion. Zilla called the path he took to Islam “wonderful.” He offered his reflections on his stay there after being influenced by pious Muslim convicts while there.

Zilla Fatu, a YouTuber well-known for his workout and meditation videos, declared his conversion to Islam on the “Sunday Funday” vlog. On accusations of violent robbery, Fatu was given a six-year sentence to spend at the Texas State Prison. The 27-year-old claimed that while incarcerated, he became interested in Islam.

Additionally, after extensive study and research, he converted to the faith on April 3, 2022, one year earlier. He was attracted to the religion after observing how devoted Muslims behaved while imprisoned. He only has wonderful things to say about his life and Islam now that he has accepted it. Zilla Fatu will use his position to educate people about Islam and encourage them to follow a spiritual path.

Zilla and his IG post sparks speculation of a new Bloodline member’s arrival

Zilla Fatu, a member of the Anoa’i family, recently used social media to address spectators and followers in relation to The Tribal Chief, Jimmy and Jey Uso, and other Bloodline athletes in the MITB. “Stay Tune…..” He was chastised and taunted by a couple of fans stating. “No you stay tune .. you gonna be watching it at home on the tv cuz you ain’t gonna be on there 🤣”

Zilla Fatu

Some advised him to follow them like one supporter wrote: “my brother it may be a stretch but would u be at mitb sound like a fool but it would be cool to see a brother inshallah you there gang 🫶🏼” Suspicion about the addition of a new Bloodline Gang member was therefore raised.

Zilla Fatu just finished his pro wrestling training last year and is already discussing how he might join the faction and perhaps challenge Reigns for the throne.

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