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Ryan Hall discloses he went through 16 surgeries after his last UFC bout, provides update on his comeback

Ryan Hall

Imagine being injury-free for around ten years, only to be plagued by 16 consecutive injuries leading to surgeries later on! Apparently, Ryan Hall was the unfortunate victim of this vicious injury cycle. Sadly, all of these led to his absence from the UFC octagon for around 16 months.

The esteemed Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioner had a hard time in UFC in the recent past. Luck has not been on his side when it comes to scoring fights by landing opponents. However, he tried to pounce on every opportunity he got his hands on. He last fought back in 2021, on two occasions.

Ryan Hall

Ryan Hall wants to eventually return to MMA

In that year, he succumbed to a defeat against Ilia Topuria via knockout. He bounced back from that defeat with a valiant effort against Darrick Minner. That UFC 269 victory was the last bit of happiness for him in the octagon. Hall could not extend his win to make a streak, due to a series of gruesome injuries.

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What happened to Ryan Hall?

He lifted the lid on his miserable times in an interview with Danny Segura. Hall had some bizarre injuries, to begin with. For instance, he fell a few times which led to injuries that required surgeries to recuperate from.

One of the worst injuries he sustained in that period, was prior to his fight against Topuria. Hall tore his hip flexor muscle. The suffering did not stop there as he broke his hand, along with a horrendous tear on his left foot.

Despite all those setbacks, he was adamant about a comeback and went under the surgeon’s knife right away. Hall was aiming to participate in Abu Dhabi Combat Clubs’ submission fighting world championship

He even had a contract in place for 2022. Before he could apply his BJJ knowledge and practice, he sustained yet another blow. And this was probably the worst of the blows as he tore his meniscus, ACL.

The average man would just give up on their combat ambitions. Especially when someone had 16 consecutive surgeries, it is quite hard to fathom how one could even overcome the trauma. Notably, to make things even worse, Hall had a septic infection from that ACL tear.

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Yet, ‘The Wizard’ pulled the wands out of his pocket, and set himself on the path of his recovery. Not just physically, but he is on an emotional resurgence as well. Hall is still adamant about making a return to the UFC octagon, as MMA remains his primary objective.

Do you think Ryan Hall can score a fight and return to UFC, leaving all the injuries behind?

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