Sean O’Malley explains why he’d beat Conor McGregor in boxing: I’m taller, faster and have the best striking in MMA

The current UFC bantamweight champion Sean O’Malley showcased his confidence in his ability to become a champion right from the beginning. His terrifying one-punch knockout power helped him clean out all his opposition and realize his championship dream.

‘Suga’ Sean is now set to headline his first pay-per-view as a champion in the famous fight destination of Miami this Saturday, against Marlon ‘Chito’ Vera in a highly awaited rematch. Before his bout, he recently appeared on the Patrick Bet David show for an intriguing podcast.

Sean O’Malley claims he’d beat Conor McGregor in boxing

O’Malley has been very vocal in regards to expressing his respect for the biggest superstar in the history of mixed martial arts, the ‘Notorious’ Conor Mcgregor. In O’Malley’s meteoric rise to stardom, he has at times been compared to the hype Mcgregor produced in his days.

Most notably, O’Malley’s stoppage win over Aljamain Sterling for the belt was heavily placed side-to-side with McGregor’s landmark 13-second win over Jose Aldo, owing to the similar fashion in which both fights ended.

In an interview with Bleacher Report, Sean stated “I was kind of envisioning myself as being a Conor. Being a guy that, you know, goes above and beyond and is massive.” Although O’Malley admires and respects McGregor, it is common for fighters to aspire a clash with their idols, and it is no different for O’Malley.

In a recent podcast with Patrick Bet David, O’Malley envisioned a boxing match with the Irishman and was confident in claiming that he would have the upper hand. He confidently claimed, “I think I have the best striking in MMA, hands down. I’m taller, I’m faster. I got him.”

Although it seems highly unlikely to happen now, a showdown between O’Malley and Mcgregor would have easily been one of the biggest PPV sells in the history of combat sports.

Sean O’Malley needs ‘couple minutes’ to destroy Ryan Garcia

In the same interview with PBD, O’Malley talked about Ryan Garcia, someone who he has been in a recent feud with. Not too long ago, Garcia went public with a bold claim, commenting on his belief to beat Sean O’Malley in a mixed martial arts setting if they ever crossed paths.

O’Malley did not take long to clap back to Garcia, calling him “delusional” for being vocal with such remarks. In the podcast, when Patrick asked Sean how quick it would take him to finish Garcia in an MMA fight, O’Malley replied by saying, “I think the fastest way to victory would probably be to choke him. I probably could choke [Ryan] in a couple minutes… that’s being humble.”

Trash talk and speculation regarding matchups know no boundaries when it comes to the fight business. As for Sean O’Malley, it is no secret that his story has only begun and he has many more fights to win before he’s done.


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