Sean O’Malley issues bold claims of fighting Ryan Garcia and Devin Haney in the same night

Sean O’Malley, the undisputed bantamweight champion of the UFC, has demonstrated how one can achieve significant success in just seven years in MMA.

Starting with nothing, Sugar Sean now enjoys the rewards of his hard work, showcasing a fierce striking style inside the octagon. O’Malley has not only become a UFC champion but also a globally recognized superstar.

Sean O’Malley claims to face Ryan Garcia and Devin Haney the same night

In recent years, the fight industry has witnessed not only beef between fighters from the same combat sports backgrounds but also crossover fights between athletes from different sports, especially between mixed martial arts (MMA) and boxing. Sean O’Malley found himself in such a situation when Ryan Garcia, a prominent figure in boxing, asserted that he could beat O’Malley in an MMA match after confirming his fight against Devin Haney on April 20th.

This bold statement initiated a response from the UFC bantamweight champion, who, on his recent podcast, confidently stated that he would easily defeat Ryan Garcia in the cage without facing any significant challenge. ‘Suga’ was so confident in his belief that he continued to say that he could beat both Garcia as well as Haney in back-to-back fights inside the octagon. He stated “I can do whatever I want to them” and that Garcia was living in “pure delusion.”

Ryan Garcia guarantees a UFC win over Sean O’Malley following Devin Haney

Despite being widely criticized for his massive claim of beating O’Malley in MMA, Ryan Garcia made an appearance on Ariel Helwani’s show and reflected on his unmatched belief on himself. He talked about the qualities as a fighter that he possesses such as conditioning and strength. He further said that if he truly put his mind into training MMA, he would “destroy” Sean O’Malley.

The idea of crossover fighting is still a relatively new idea that combat purists are yet to get used to. However, if in the future someday, this fight transpires into fruition, the world will most definitely tune in to watch them go at it.


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