Alex Pereira’s grappling session with Polyana Viana sends MMA Twitter into meltdown: “I usually skip this part”

Alex Pereira, renowned for his ferocious kickboxing skills that dismantled opponents with devastating hooks and knees, showcased unmatched power. Identified by his stone-cold expression and intimidating prowess in kickboxing, Pereira surprised UFC fans by revealing a different side—frequently smiling and displaying a sense of humor.

The reigning light heavyweight UFC champion left fans in tears of laughter through cold-face memes and his use of limited vocabulary. However, turns out, ‘The Poatan’ is a natural when it comes to comedy.

Alex Pereira grappling with Polyana Viana in kitchen goes viral

One of the main reasons Alex Pereira is found so hilarious and beloved by fans is his tendency to do and post the most random things, especially for a terrifying fighter like him. This quality amplifies the humor in whatever he does.

A recent video surfaced online showing him grappling with Polyana Viana in a kitchen. Fans worldwide had an absolute field day after seeing this post, and some of their comments turned out to be even funnier than the post itself.

The post got flooded with comments like “Yeah, they’re definitely smashing,” “Bro suddenly wants to do only BJJ, strange,” “10-9 Viana,” and a ton of others, each amusing in its own way. Pereira and Viana have already sparked dating rumors by posting past footage of sparring together and an overall increased presence in each other’s lives. It’s safe to say that this video only puts the cherry on the top.

Fans notice Alex Pereira’s newfound love for grappling

As Alex Pereira shifted from kickboxing to mixed martial arts, he would mostly depend on his complete and deadly striking to win fights, limiting the use of almost any grappling. In fact, he struggled and was dominated by Adesanya in the grappling department in their first fight before Pereira stopped him.

In his subsequent outings, however, he has looked significantly better as a grappler, moving up in weight and being able to handle the wrestling of Jan Blachowicz, as well as his last opponent, Jiri Prochazka.

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As ‘The Poatan’ has been seen drilling some serious grappling in gyms as well as in a kitchen with Viana, it is safe to say that these will only help him get better as he needs to be, especially ahead of his main event clash against Jamahal Hill at UFC 300.


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