Sebastian Vettel runs back time at Nordschleife with title-winning RB7 following Max Verstappen snub

Sebastian Vettel, a remarkable F1 driver, was supposed to close the chapter of his association with his 2011 Title-winning RB7 car after sealing his fourth and final World Championship with the team. After having a full-stop on his career in 2022, Sebastian was the main focus and attraction at the extravaganza and hence became the first man to drive a contemporary car on the raging tracks of Nordschleife after Michael Schumacher, who did the same back in 2013.

Recently, Vettel was reunited with his lover of years or in other words, his “Kinky Kylie” car RB7 after what seemed like ages to him. Sebastian was seen driving it on Saturday at the Red Bull Formula Nurburgring event. 

Sebastian Vettel drives in RB7 at Nordschleife

Sebastian Vettel was in his prime back in the 2010s when everyone enjoyed him driving for Red Bull. He is notorious for winning 4 consecutive World Championships with the Milton Keynes-based team, the first of which made him the youngest world champion. Very recently, Sebastian was spotted driving the famous “RB7” in the famous Nordschleife, with which he won the title in 2011.

Sebastian rejoiced with the fact that he was reunited with his wonder car, alongside the fact that the seat still fit him. He commented, “The sound was great, fortunately, I still fit in the seat and the feel for the car came back which is amazing.”

The driver started his initiative to raise awareness of the benefits of sustainable fuels: the “Race Without Trace” movement. The ulterior motive behind this step was to raise awareness of the benefits of sustainable fuels.

In his recent Instagram post, he posted a video and expressed his euphoria after being reunited with one of his old cars while also conveying a crucially important message to the world.

 “Today, you can see it’s packed. A lot of people. I think the turnout is 30,000 just in this section, which is amazing. A lot of flags, so thank you very much for the support.

“It’s a great way to keep telling our story of Race Without Trace and explain to people why I care.

“A lot of people came and I enjoyed it. I had a blast.

“I hope the fun that I have inspires people to think of what fun they want to have, or do have, and probably can have more responsibly.

“It might be small steps we’re taking at a time but they’re all worth it.”

Max Verstappen not allowed by RB to participate

Max Verstappen stated he could not join Sebastian Vettel and Daniel Ricciardo’s run in a Formula One car at the famous Nurburgring Nordschleife circuit due to Helmut. Max had deeply hoped that he could join in one of the most challenging circuits in the entire world. However, his hopes were shut down by Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko.

Expressing his anger and sadness, Max stated: “I wanted to do it, but I was not allowed by Helmut.”

Sebastian Vettel

“He knew that I would try and go to the limits! I would have loved to do it.

“I heard this thing was coming up, and Helmut was sitting at the table when it came up, and he said: ‘No, no, no, you’re not doing. ‘”

Finally, accepting his fate, he added:  “Hopefully one day. It would have been amazing in an F1 car. But if that’s not allowed, maybe in a GT3 car.”

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