“Shut up” Draymond Green bashes fan over tweet praising Celtic’s Marcus Smart’s evolution

Draymond Green tells a fan to “shut up” after a tweet applauding Marcus Smart’s development at the Celtics.

Jason Tatum’s buzzer layoff helped the Boston Celtics to a 115-114 win over the Brooklyn Nets in the first match of their playoff series. The last-minute winner caused a massive sensation amongst the NBA community and left everyone stunned as players and commentators took a breath to process what had happened. 

One such observer was Draymond Green. The Golden State Warriors Forward heaped a lot of praise on the contribution of Marcus Smart- who played the final pass to Tatum. Smart himself was in a position to shoot, but instead, decided to fake and play a pass to the on-rushing Tatum, who went on to score the winner right at the death.
Draymond Green praised Smart’s decision to pass instead of shoot, and acknowledged his evolution as a player, saying that the Smart of last year would have shot instead of passing.

He credits this evolution to Celtics’ Head Coach Ime Udoka and suggested that Ime got Marcus Smart to understand and adopt his style of playing. Marcus’ game has evolved as a result of this adaption, and Green believes that these little tweaks made a major impact in a crucial moment.

But much like how the internet works, some people did not appreciate Green’s appreciation of Smart. One such fan retweeted Draymond Green and suggested that Green should focus on his own team’s play-off game instead of praising others.

Green, who is a four-time NBA all-star, did not take this lightly and asked the fan to “Shut Up”. Green’s response garnered a lot of support on Twitter, as a lot of fans praised him for talking back against a naysayer who tried to dampen the enthusiasm of a fan.


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