Stephen Curry brushes off Warriors’ difficult journey in NBA 2023 with hilarious remark

The NBA journey for the Golden State Warriors and their star player Stephen Curry has been nothing short of a roller coaster ride in 2023. Despite facing challenges throughout the season, Curry has maintained his trademark cool and calm demeanor. In fact, during a recent interview, he brushed off the team’s difficulties with a hilarious remark that left everyone in stitches.

Achieving a consecutive NBA championship is no small feat, as the Golden State Warriors and their skilled guard, Steph Curry, are well aware. The endeavor comes with the expectation of every opposing team bringing their A-game, regardless of the lineup on the court. Factor in the challenges of the regular season, alongside injury setbacks, and the Warriors’ performance has wavered, particularly on the road.

Stephen Curry

During a recent interview with Ernie Johnson from NBA on TNT, Curry was questioned about the team’s road struggles. He responded that he has selective memory. Despite this, the team’s poor road record of 7-25 may have an impact on their mindset, even for a player with Curry’s exceptional mental toughness.


Warriors and Stephen Curry Holding Strong Despite Road Woes

Despite their challenges, the Warriors and Curry are still tied for fifth place in the Western Conference standings, alongside the Los Angeles Clippers. While their away record has been lackluster, it’s reasonable to believe that this won’t matter come playoff time. The mere thought of the defending champions entering an opposing team’s arena is enough to send shivers down the spines of fans nationwide.

On the flip side, the Warriors have been a formidable force at home, with a 27-7 record this season. It’s a statistic that Curry undoubtedly remembers with ease. Ultimately, what matters most at this stage of the season is playing their best basketball come playoff time, a feat that Golden State has excelled at in the past.

Stephen Curry’s ability to brush off the Warriors’ difficult journey in NBA 2023 with a hilarious remark about his selective memory is a testament to his unwavering mental toughness.

Stephen Curry

While the team’s struggles on the road have been a cause for concern, their position in the Western Conference standings and impressive record at home suggests that they still have a strong chance of making a deep playoff run. 

As we continue to witness the Warriors’ journey this season, it’s clear that Stephen Curry’s humor and positive mindset will continue to be a driving force for the team’s success.

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