Stephen Curry offers his honest thoughts on NBA best player between Michael Jordan and LeBron James

Michael Jordan and LeBron James’ names frequently come up in the current NBA conversations regarding the GOAT argument. Younger fans are often behind LeBron James winning the title, despite the fact that their parents may have favored Michael Jordan.

Stephen Curry has recently weighed in on the topic, arguing that there may be more than one GOAT. Curry pointed up the difficulty of drawing comparisons between players from different eras, noting that there are many great players throughout basketball history. His perspective appreciates the argument and the roles played by both Jordan and LeBron in the evolution of basketball.

Stephen Curry weighs in on Michael Jordan And LeBron James GOAT debate

While Michael Jordan has always been considered the best player of all time, a sizable portion of today’s youth is convinced that LeBron James is more worthy of the title. Stephen Curry has recently weighed in on the topic, arguing that there should be “multiple GOATs” and pointing out the difficulties of making fair comparisons between players from various eras.

“I ascribe to the belief that there are multiple GOATs. It is so hard to compare eras. And getting into that conversation of, if you put Michael in this era and LeBron in that era, it’s kind of unfair,” Curry explained. His unbiased and objective perspective is shared by many who struggle with comparing basketball stars from different periods.

Some may remain faithful to a single best player while the GOAT argument rages on, while others will enjoy Curry’s idea of celebrating brilliance across a wide range of players who have left unforgettable impressions on the sport. The debate about who deserves to be called the “GOAT” will go on forever because it is based on personal preference.

LeBron James is not included in Stephen Curry’s dream team

In his all-time starting five lineup, Stephen Curry opted for a lineup featuring legendary players from the past many years of basketball. His dream team included Magic Johnson as point guard, Michael Jordan as shooting guard, Kobe Bryant as small forward, Tim Duncan as power forward, and Shaquille O’Neal as center. While Curry initially picked Larry Bird as small forward, he made a late substitution, choosing Bryant instead.

Interestingly, Curry’s lineup featured only retired players and didn’t include himself. Notably, LeBron James, with whom Curry shares a strong mutual respect, was not part of the selection. The absence of active players, including LeBron, might indicate the high bar Curry aims to surpass to establish himself among the all-time greats. The exclusion of players he’s faced on the court, apart from three, reflects the reverence he holds for these iconic basketball legends who retired before his NBA debut.


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