“Stock has gone up brother”: Fans rally to support disheartened Arnold Allen after devastating loss against Max Holloway at UFC Kansas City

Arnold Allen’s agony versus Max Holloway in the main event of tonight’s Fight Night was comforted by the fans. Allen lost to one of the greatest featherweight fighters of all time despite making a brave attempt inside the octagon.

Arnold Allen fell short of defeating the former featherweight champion on tonight’s Fight Night at the T-Mobile Arena in Kansas City. Blessed finally overcame Allen by majority decision after five rounds of intense mixed martial arts exhibition (49-46, 49-46, 48-47).

How did fans console Arnold Allen following his loss to Max Holloway?

“You put on a great show tonight. Belonged in there and gave the fans the type of main event the deserve. Nothing but good comes from this. Possibly a meal deal endorsement deal.” said Boogerbeard.

In his response, TV news anchor Caroline Pierce praised Arnold’s heroic endeavor saying,” Your stock continues to rise Arnold. That was one hell of a fight! Looking forward to your next one.”

“Max is a tricky customer and a very experienced operator but you definitely held your own and at times (especially round 5) got the better of him, a humbling loss after a great run I believe will put you in good stead for the future run at the title,” said Mac The Bet. 

Another user asked Arnold to keep his head high for such an incredible effort as he said, “You put on an awesome show against one of the best to ever do it at that weight class. I know not winning eats at you but the fans absolutely loved the show. Keep your head up and I’ll be rooting for you again in your next one.” 

“That was one of those fights where even with a loss your stock still rises. Incredible pace and heart, no doubt you’ll hold gold one day. Thank you for the incredible performance.” Daniel Tiger said. 

Arnold may have lost and his winning streak ended but the Briton probably got tons of new fans tonight, for instance, Jack-Fu, who said, “How many people can say their first loss in the UFC was against a former champion and future Hall of famer in a -very- competitive fight? Nah, I’m never missing another one of your fights that’s for sure.” 


“Chin up mate it was solid performance, ya done yourself and England proud, when you went forward you looked very dangerous, max is a vet take you licks and grow from it mate you will be back stronger then ever.” another user commented. 

Lewis already seems to be hopeful that Allen will get back on the winning track in July as he said,” Done yaself proud, mate. What an experience headlining a show, away from home against arguably the GOAT in FW. Its all learning. London in July to get back to winning ways?” 

“Not that any loss is “good” but I think you gained a lot of fans tonight. You’re a future champ and fought a certified Hall-Of-Famer to a CLOSE decision. Nothing to hang your head on. Excited for what’s next and the future,” said Cody Merrow.

What is your take on the featherweight battle? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section. 

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