Tennessee football players Aaron Beasley, Omari Thomas, Tyler Baron comment on whether or not they’ll be back next season

When it comes to American college football bowl games, everyone knows about the Orange Bowl, held annually in the Miami area is one of the best bowl games in Division I college football; the Orange Bowl is considered one of the “New Year’s Six.”

Tennessee football players
History: Orange Bowl

However, college football players at this time of the year need to make serious decisions about whether they want to stick to college football or they would like to take the responsibility and move forward toward the “Biggest football league”- the NFL. 

The players from the Tennessee Volunteers were reasonably practical with their answers and showed they knew the game well enough; simultaneously, they require enhanced skills to succeed in professional football.

While getting ready to face Clemson in the Orange Bowl on Tuesday, three remaining Tennessee players- Aaron Beasley, Omari Thomas, and Tyler Baron answered the question regarding NFL eligibility.

Tennessee football players
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What did the Tennessee players say?

Aaron Beasley

Aaron Beasley, the Line breaker of the Volunteers, said he is “coming back for sure” to play next season. Although Beasley is constantly improving, he has a long way to go until he can match up with the big boys. In the eleven games he has played this year, the line breaker could pull off sixty-four tackles; among them, he made twenty-nine by himself, and thirty-five were assisted tackles.

“I need more experience because I just started playing linebacker when I got to college,” said Aaron, as he played running back and safety in high school. “I feel like I need to further develop my game. I need be better in my pass rush, make more plays and get more comfortable at the position.”

Tennessee football players
Line breaker Aaron Beasley.

Omari Thomas

Moreover, Omari Thomas, the defensive tackle, was also optimistic about showing up next year, as he said he has no plans to leave his college football team early. Thomas this year has played a total of ten games, and he played his part in the team with twenty-five total tackles, of which eleven came solo, and fourteen came with assistance; along with the tackles, he has two sacks to his name. 

When asked about his game, Omari said, “I want to graduate. And I want to grow as a player. There’s more for me to do as a player, and I want to show consistency.”

Tennessee football players
Omari Thomas the Lineman

Tyler Baron

However, unlike Beasley and Thomas, Tyler Baron, the defensive end of the team, is not sure what he is going to do next year- 

“I’m a very in-the-moment type of guy. I’m really worried about being here with my teammates and helping everybody get this win,” Tyler said. “It’ll just be a great feeling to build off of.”

Tennessee football players
Line breaker Tyler Baron

All three players are quite capable of playing in the NFL, yet with another year of experience, they will only get better.


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