Tennis player Naomi Osaka tops as the world’s highest-paid female athlete, check out the rank of Emma Raducanu, Williams sisters

The four-time grand slam winner, Naomi Osaka is the world’s highest-paid female athlete as per Forbes, bagging a whopping $51 million per year with $1.2 million per winning while Rising star Emma Raducanu and legendary Williams sisters are not far behind.

The Japanese sensation is a face of tennis around the world proved pivotal to her worth, and she quickly became a fan favorite when first arrived at the court.

Osaka recently suffered an injury that caused her to miss the Wimbledon 2022, and reports suggest she is going through a difficult period of time in her personal life.

After a long break since she was at the top of her game, the former number one is expected to unleash again and is believed to be hungrier than ever. Seeing herself at the top of the list of earnings as a female athlete certainly boosts her confidence to inspire the next generation.

Serena Williams is a modern-day great, and the USA Princess is regarded as the best female tennis athlete ever to play the game, trailing only Osaka in terms of yearly earnings.

She earns $41 million annually, placing her in the top 50 highest-paid athletes in the world alongside the Japanese.

Emma Raducanu is the next superstar of the game with the potential she has, every dream is there to be accomplished as evidenced by the fact that her net worth already indicates this.

The British tennis player, who was born in Toronto, bags $18.7 million per year. Adding the “US Open 2021” to her collection of Grand Slams will increase her revenues even further.

Venus Williams worth $12 million annually, ranking her sixth among female athletes in terms of pay. She is now working on her game in preparation for her return to the court following a terrible injury at the “Australian Open 2021.”

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