“The copy is very bad”: Former boxing rival labels Tyson Fury as ‘copy’ of great Muhammad Ali

Although Oleksandr Usyk was open to fighting Tyson Fury and accepting a 70/30 split, their potential bout fell through due to a failure to agree on other contractual terms. Sadly, they couldn’t finalize the deal before the April 1st deadline.

As a result, Usyk will now be facing his WBA mandatory challenger, Daniel Dubois. It’s uncertain who Fury will fight next, but he has been compared to boxing icon Muhammad Ali in recent times.

Usyk seems to be continuing his verbal jabs at “The Gypsy King”. Just recently, his wife trolled Fury and accused him of being greedy. On the other hand, the unified Heavyweight champion aimed at Fury and even referenced the legendary Muhammad Ali in his remarks.

Oleksandr draws a parallel between Tyson Fury and Muhammad Ali.

During a conversation with Volodymyr Kobelkov, the reigning unified Heavyweight champion of the world drew a surprising comparison between Tyson Fury and Muhammad Ali.

Their potential bout had the potential to crown an undisputed Heavyweight champion, but the fight falling through left fans disappointed. Usyk took note of Fury’s recent public statements and demands.

Usyk said, “He is trying very hard to copy the great Muhammad Ali, but the copy is very bad.”

According to a report by Michael Benson from talkSPORT, he provided an English translation of Usyk’s statement. Apart from requesting a 70% cut of the purse, Tyson Fury also demanded that a rematch clause be excluded if he were to fight Usyk.

Tyson Fury
Tyson Fury in a press conference

While Usyk agreed to the “greedy-belly” split, there were disagreements between the boxers regarding other terms. Meanwhile, Bob Arum revealed that the Saudis offered Usyk $60 million to face Fury in the winter of 2023.

What is your opinion on Usyk’s recent remarks about Fury? Do you concur with the Ukrainian fighter’s perspective on ‘The Gypsy King’?

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