The Undertaker’s collapsed after Brock Lesnar match that captured on camera at SummerSlam 2015

WWE SummerSlam 2023 is the highly anticipated upcoming premium live event of WWE. This year SummerSlam will be held at Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan, on August 5. This event has already a rich history of delivering memorable matches and moments.

Notably, SummerSlam 2015 featured a legendary showdown between Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker. However, The Beast Incarnate had also faced off against other iconic figures in the history of SummerSlam, which includes legendary names like The Rock and many more.

Undertaker tap out after facing Brock Lesnar in SummerSlam

Undertaker & Brock Lesnar competed in the main event of SummerSlam 2015. This match was set up after the Phenom attacked Brock Lesnar at Battleground and cost him the Championship opportunity against Seth Rollins. This match between these two legends was something fans can’t forget due to its controversial ending. For those unaware, this was Undertaker’s first SummerSlam match since 2008.

During the match, both the stars wrestled in a hard-fought fight for around 17 minutes. The match included multiple signatures from both iconic figures. However, the match concluded when the Deadman applied “Hell’s Gate” on the Beast, but suddenly Lesnar countered and turned this into a  “Kimura Lock”. At that moment, the timekeeper rang the bell by seeing Taker indicating his loss from the submission. However, the official never saw this and hence never stopped the match.

SummerSlam 2015

Lesnar thinks he was the winner and started arguing with the referee, suddenly the Deadman took advantage of the confusion and delivered a low blow to Lesnar and executed another “Hells Gate”. This time the Beast passed out and Taker emerged victorious.

Who won SummerSlam in 2015?

The clash between the two iconic wrestlers was officially won by the Undertaker with a controversial finish. However, Taker doesn’t seem to be fully conscious after the match. A video surfaced from the off-air of SummerSlam 2015 in which Taker collapsed while going backstage after the intense fight.

However, at this year’s SummerSlam 2023, The Beast is reportedly scheduled to face Cody Rhodes in their rubber match. The rivalry between The American Nightmare & Lesnar started back in Backlash 2023 when Rhodes upset the Beast. Seeking revenge, Lesnar secured a dominating victory against Cody Rhodes at Night of Champions 2023.

It will be interesting to see how things will unfold when they both clashed against each other for the 3rd match. Last year Lesnar also lost against Roman Reigns in a Championship bout let’s see if he managed to secure a victory at the Biggest Party of the Summer this year.

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