Booker T predicts Dominik Mysterio will be a superstar for WWE in next 15 years: “They got a bona fide star”

Dominik Mysterio is the current member of the Judgment Day. Since joining the Raw faction, the Dirty Dom had experienced significant growth in his WWE carrier. Before joining the Judgment Day, Dominik was aligned with his father Rey Mysterio but later on, he betrayed them and turn himself into a villainous character.

Ever since joining the faction, the Dom Dom had experienced nuclear heat from the WWE Universe. As the crowd didn’t even give Dominik the opportunity to utter a single word on the mic.

Booker T hails WWE’s decision to debut Dominik Mysterio

The Dirty Dom debuted at SummerSlam 2020 against the Visionary Seth Rollins. Even after delivering a hard-fought match, Dominik still failed to secure a victory in his debut match. The debut of Dominik was initially debatable as fans wondered why he skipped the NXT and directly had the opportunity to compete in the main roster.

However, recently the WWE Hall of Famer Booker T had praised the decision of the company to debut Dominik Mysterio directly in the main roster. Booker T revealed that once when he talked to Dominik, he revealed that the original plans for him were to start from the developmental brand.

The Hall of Famer stated that “I was listening to him talk and he was saying that the original plan was to start him out in the ‘NXT’ program and I think that would have been a mistake.”

So it seems like that initially the WWE management thinks that Dominik should need to start with a run in NXT. However, later on, they reconsidered their plans.

Booker drops huge Dominik Mysterio prediction

In the same podcast, the WWE Hall of Famer Booker T had also made a bold prediction regarding the future of the Judgment Day member. Booker said he believed that Dirty Dom will be a bonafide superstar for WWE and will be highly beneficial for the Stamford-based promotion in the coming years. He stated that “I think they’ve slipped on a banana peel and they got a bona fide star that they’re going to be able to work with for the next 15 years.”

Dominik Mysterio

It seems like that after observing the current development in the character of Dominik Mysterio, Booker made his prediction. For those unaware, the upcoming edition of NXT will also feature a Championship match for the Dirty Dom as he is set to face Wes Lee for the North American Championship.

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