“There’s one guy on the court who’s resume can stack up” Warriors’ Draymond Green claims to be on par with Lakers’ LeBron James

The NBA All-Star Weekend 2023 had a surprising turn of events this year. Teams like the Boston Celtics, Dallas Mavericks, Memphis Grizzlies, and Sacramento Kings had two All-Stars representing them at the event.

However, last year’s three All-Star team, the Golden State Warriors, has only one All-Star, Stephen Curry, who was out due to injury. This left the team without a player on the court for the game.

Draymond Green, one of the Warriors’ All-Stars last year, was present at the event working for TNT. He made a comment about LeBron James, claiming that his resume was the only one that could match up to his on the court.

However, Draymond was referring to the championships that he and LeBron have won, among other achievements. Unfortunately, people misunderstood Draymond’s comments and believed that he was implying he and LeBron had the same level of achievements in the league.

To clear things up, Draymond explained that he was only talking about the number of championships he and LeBron had won, not their overall achievements. Currently, only Draymond, Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Andre Iguodala, and LeBron have four titles to their names, making them the only active players in the league with such accolades.

While the absence of the Golden State Warriors players was a disappointment for their fans, Draymond’s comments created quite a buzz in the media. It is not every day that an All-Star claims to be on par with one of the most prominent players in the league, especially when it comes to achievements on the court.

Nonetheless, Draymond was merely pointing out the number of championships he and LeBron have won, and not their overall accomplishments.



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