“they are infatuated with my tweets” Kevin Durant fires a salvo at his Twitter critics

Few sportsmen are as contentious as Kevin Durant. The 33-year-old NBA player has already had a half-decade career on the court, but his actions off the court have enraged many fans. The unfavorable perception of Durant has been exacerbated by his use of burner accounts, ring-chasing, and some seriously dubious marketing tactics.

Whereas The Slim Reaper was once regarded as the most humble superstar in professional sports, he has fallen out of favor, and the reason is a shady one. The 33-year-old has been seen participating in Twitter battles with his detractors, and the arguments frequently turn hot.

Sports enthusiasts relived some of the event’s earlier memories in the run-up to the 2022 ESPYs awards ceremony. Who could ever forget Peyton Manning’s notorious 2017 ESPYs roast of superstar Kevin Durant, who is currently with the Brooklyn Nets, in which he made fun of Durant for joining the Golden State Warriors?

KD responded to a fan on Twitter who questioned why he was so irate over the jokes, suggesting that he is still holding resentment over the incident. He still believes Manning’s quips weren’t funny five years later. He explained that “if it was funny I would’ve laughed… it’s a simple concept.”

After the incident, another individual named Kory Hoffman, replied to Durant, “Love how KD cannot resist responding to trolls on teh internetz. Keep posting through it! #SoMuchSalt” Without thinking for a second KD replied again, “These men cannot resist it they are infatuated with my tweets”.

The most amusing aspect is that he removed the tweet after a while, though! For a public figure like Kevin Durant, regular Twitter disputes and responding to every tweet seems inappropriate.

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