“They doubted him, he went to the top” Shaquille O’Neal takes Conor McGregor’s side to win another UFC title

After an absence of two years, Conor McGregor is getting ready to get back into the Octagon. Shaquille O’Neal, a legend in the sport of basketball, believes that Conor will win another title despite the fact that many people are skeptical about the ability of the Irishman to perform at the level he did in his prime.

UFC president Dana White made the announcement earlier this month, the 34-year-old MMA fighter will fight in his comeback battle against Michael Chandler, just after the Irish superstar performs his coaching duty on the upcoming 31st season of The Ultimate Fighter. Conor’s return to the octagon as a fighter has been confirmed after an absence of nearly two years.

The legendary player from the Los Angeles Lakers is a great fan of The Notorious, and he is rooting for Conor to win one more title before the Irish ultimately hangs up his gloves.

According to Shaquille, Conor is not even close to being finished, and the 34-year-old is eager to showcase that everyone is wrong by pursuing his revenge.

In an interview with Fighting Inside, the basketball star discussed his thoughts on Conor McGregor’s return to the sport. The American expressed that he is hoping for a great show from McGregor as he has always been a great showman just like him. 

“Me and him have a similar type of blood. When you doubt us, that’s when we rise. They doubted him, he went to the top, took a couple of bumps, he went away for a while. He’s looking real good. I know he’s going to come back with vengeance. ”

The Notorious is going to Las Vegas, Nevada, next week to get ready for the new season of The Ultimate Fighter. The Irish mixed martial arts superstar told The Mirror’s combat sports reporter Donagh Corby that he is more excited than ever for his next fight because he is feeling more prepared and energetic than ever before. He added that he is now able to throw high kicks faster than jabs.


McGregor fought for the last time at UFC 264 in the summer of 2021, losing to American Dustin Poirier. Even though the Diamond knocked him out for a second time, he went out in the first round after breaking both his tibia and fibula. Conor has recovered, however, and is once again in fighting shape.



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