“They should be ashamed” former WWE star brutally mocks Dana White following brain damage ‘memory loss’ injury in Power Slap

The combat sports community has been inundated with mixed reactions to Dana White’s new controversial Power Slap League. This time, Christopher Nowinski and Brendan Schaub took aim at UFC president Dana White for introducing such a lethal combat sport.

The Power Slap League was announced by Dana White, president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, the previous year. This league is a slap-fighting-focused combat sports event. The start date of the new league was originally scheduled for January 11th, following Dana’s dispute with his wife on New Year’s Eve; however, it was postponed within one week of its initiation. 

Many notable combat sports figures, such as UFC commentator Joe Rogan, have already spoken out against the new league since its inception. Christopher Nowinski, a neuroscientist, a former wrestler has recently expressed his opposition against the slap league in a tweet saying, ‘Dana White and TBS should be ashamed”. TBS broadcasts the league as ‘Power Slap: Road to the Title.’

Power slap fight has been criticized because, unlike in boxing or mixed martial arts, a defender cannot block a slap shot to the face from the striker.

However, Dana didn’t back down, even after finding out about the potential neurological detrimental effects of a slap, which caused many neurologists and combatants to speak out against the idea of such a league.

In a bout between Chris Thomas and Chris Kennedy, Kennedy was slapped and knocked out instantaneously, leading to his memory loss and validating the fears of many. Brendan Schaub, the former professional mixed martial artist, has also taken to Twitter to express his severe disapproval of this league.

”Checking out the Slap fight league? This is the stupidest shit I’ve ever seen. The fact it’s associated with the UFC sets the sport back 10 yrs. All that being said it’s entertaining. Anyone wanna bet it’s not around in a year?” said Brendan.

Amidst many doubts about ongoing health issues that the newly emerged Power Slap League can come up with, the league debuted on January 18th. What do you predict for the future of this slapping contest?


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