“This is pathetic”: Fans react hilariously to Darren Till exposing Rocky Fielding’s chat

Once again, Darren Till is the subject of heated controversy among MMA fans, but this time it’s over the release of a private WhatsApp conversation. The former UFC fighter shared a screenshot of what looks to be a conversation he had with boxer Rocky Fielding, prompting people to ridicule him.

Till was just let go by UFC because his performance had drastically declined over the previous four years. Dricus du Plessis was the opponent in Darren’s final fight at UFC 282, however, The Gorilla lost for the third time in a row. The South African fighter’s dominating submission victory has dropped the British fighter to 1-5 in his last 6 cage appearances.

How did fans respond to Darren Till exposing his conversation with Rocky Fielding?

Before facing Stillknocks, the former UFC champion put in a lot of effort to be back in peak condition. Till is currently out of action due to a rough period in his UFC career, but many believe that his deliberate disclosure of his conversation with Rocky Fielding may be a clue that he should give boxing a shot next.

Pico is already assuming a fight between the former UFC fighter and the pro boxer as he said, “Rocky vs Till. When u order a money fight from wish.” 

“Is this supposed to reflect well you? You sound even thicker than you did before.” a user commented.  

“Biggest embarrassment in combat sports. You’re a clown.” said Ryan. 

“Who’s rocky? Fielding the boxer is it? Doesn’t seem like a bad lad him, the Canelo fight was pathetic though, thought that was poor to be fair.” said a user. 

Damien Ramages thinks Till is doing this on purpose to fight Rocky as he said, “Chasing Rocky Fielding for a pay day.”  

“Till wants a payday after UFC career down the pan.” another user said. 

According to another user, “No one’s trying to see a washed UFC fighter who’s 1-5 in his last 6 fights get starched out in another sport for a paycheque. So much for missing out on seeing your kid for legacy & greatness.” 

Marc pointed out how unethical it is to leak someone’s private message online by saying, “Look a right bell end. Rockys always seemed a good lad. Leaking private messages is helmet behaviour too.” 

“Ufc career that washed you’re calling out retired boxers tryna start beef.” a user said.  

Rob Bell expressed his lack of respect for the MMA fighter saying, “Such a let down, I remember the days when I had respect for you.”  

“I don’t think anybody understands what the hell You are saying to each other. Besides the fact that you’re using words that don’t make sense it seems like a lot of misspelled words too. Take the marbles out of your mouth.” another user commented. 

What do you think of Darren Till revealing Rocky Fielding’s conversation on Twitter? Do you believe The Gorilla’s hinting to a possible confrontation with the British professional boxer? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section. 


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