“This place won’t look any different next year” Aaron Rodgers’ cryptic answer hints QB wanting to return for at least one more season

Aaron Rodgers is a beast quarterback, as the entire NFL universe knows. The MVP hinted at doing something in the arena once again.

The NFL community is beginning to believe that the MVP quarterback wants to play for at least one more season.

Rodgers stated while having an injury, “That’s an assumption that this place won’t look any different next year, So I think, again, that’s part of the conversation.”

Certainly, it is intriguing that Rodgers has postponed his playing choice for 2022 until 2023. It’s possible that he might wish to return to the Packers for the next season.

“I’d love to finish the season out, but I understand this is a business,” Rodgers stated. “There’s a lot of us kind of older guys who play a decent amount, who they might want to see some younger guys play. Hopefully, we don’t have to have that conversation. But if that conversation comes up, you know, I’ll approach that with an open mind, and without any bitterness or resentment. Obviously, like I said, I want to win out and then we don’t have to have those conversations. But, you know, I understand if we don’t, that it’s a possibility to have that conversation.”

Pro football experts are optimistic that Rodgers will return.

Mike Florio published, “Earlier this year, it seemed as if both Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers would be done after 2022. Now, it’s starting to feel like both could be back in 2023,”

In addition, NFL supporters are optimistic that Rodgers will return. A fan also posted his logic behind this.

“Reasons why Aaron Rodgers returns to Green Bay in 2023: $59,465,000 guaranteed salary; Can say he played until his 40th birthday milestone; Doesn’t want to share same Hall of Fame stage in Tom Brady’s shadow; Rodgers can effectively block any trade Packers can’t cut him.”


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