Travis Kelce drops surprise shout-out to Taylor Swift amid teasing her presence in Chiefs vs Eagles clash

Travis Kelce returned from his bye-week escape in Argentina, where he attended Taylor Swift’s concert and was seen with her dad. However, with the Chiefs preparing for a significant matchup against the Eagles, Kelce had to cut short his time away.

As the Chiefs prepare for their crucial game against the Eagles, there is speculation regarding Taylor Swift’s attendance at the event. Travis Kelce has recently addressed the uncertainty regarding Swift’s potential presence.

Travis sends sweet shout-out to girlfriend

Travis Kelce gave a shout-out to his girlfriend, Taylor Swift, on the New Heights podcast. Kelce and his brother, Jason Kelce, reviewed fan art on the podcast. It was a drawing that featured Travis with his face on a U.S. map, referencing a joke about Taylor Swift making him famous.

Travis added, ‘On the map. Putting, obviously, my face on the map. Shout out to Taylor!’

Travis Kelce
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Travis also mentioned her Eras Tour stop in Brazil and his attendance at her concert in Argentina. The TE flew to Buenos Aires, Argentina, for Swift’s concert. The singer had postponed a concert due to bad weather, leading to quality time for the couple.

Travis shared on his podcast that Taylor wasn’t happy about the concert cancellation but prioritized safety.

‘She wasn’t too happy about it obviously, she kind of prides herself on performing through weather or rain and things like that. But when it’s unsafe to her and her crew and everybody in the stadium you gotta do what you gotta do.’

During their unexpected free time, the couple enjoyed dinner in Buenos Aires with Taylor’s father, Scott. After Swift’s concert, a video captured her running up to Kelce, and they shared a kiss.

Taylor resumed her international tour with a three-day stop in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, while Travis had to return for practice for their upcoming game against the Eagles.

Travis Kelce hints at Taylor Swift’s potential appearance

Travis Kelce remained coy about Taylor Swift’s potential appearance at the Chiefs vs. Eagles game.

Swift’s parents are expected to be in Kansas City for the Eagles vs. Chiefs game. Still, uncertainty remains about Taylor’s presence due to her performance in Rio de Janeiro 24 hours earlier. However, Travis gave a hint that the pop icon might attend the game.

Travis Kelce
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In a podcast episode, the Kelce brothers discussed who will be at Arrowhead Stadium. Jason shared that his family will be there including his parents.

‘Kylie (his wife) is going. I don’t think she’s bringing the girls (their three daughters). She’s doing a field hockey clinic with her college coaches around the Kansas City area if anybody is interested. Mum’s coming, dad’s coming, Uncle Don is coming,’ Jason shared.

Travis Kelce then hinted at Eagles fans and friends attending for a potential Super Bowl rematch.

‘We’re going to have a bunch of Cleveland Heights natives in the house. And then some friends who are Eagles fans and some friends who are just coming in for a Super Bowl rematch, man.’

Because Taylor Swift and his dad have long been Eagles fans, the TE might be hinting at the presence of Taylor and her parents in the game. Although Travis and Taylor have already met each other’s parents, it will be the first time for their parents to meet each other. 

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