Stephen Curry talks on stinking locker room environment following Warriors loss to OKC Thunder, extending their losing streak to six games

Stephen Curry, the Golden State Warriors superstar is the greatest shooter in the history of the NBA. Missing shots is almost impossible for him, be it an off-balance shot or a deep three-pointer from the logo.

Curry has the mindset of a champion and delivers stunning performances consistently. He has won four rings in his illustrious career and has played a crucial role in the success of the Golden State Warriors. The Warriors have not been playing well this season and Steph Curry addressed the issue in an interview.

Stephen Curry talks about Warriors losing streak

Despite Stephen Curry’s injury comeback on Saturday night, the Oklahoma City Thunder defeated the Golden State Warriors 130-123 in overtime to hand the Warriors there sixth straight defeat. Curry responded candidly when questioned about the urgency of making changes following the competition.

“A losing streak like this, there’s urgency for sure,” Curry said. “Anytime you’re at this many in a row, it’s a problem that you got to fix and you don’t want to develop a losing mentality at all at any stretch in the season. That’s a stink in the locker room you don’t really want to have in there.”

The Warriors had never before lost six straight games in their regular season in 2022–2023—even with all of their difficulties. Their offense, which according to the NBA would rank 27th in the league this season, has been their biggest problem during this losing streak. Their offensive rating during this time has been 107.7.

While it’s true that Curry and Draymond Green were out for some of those games, it’s alarming that the offense would completely collapse in such a way. They need to rekindle some of that old magic because the offense hasn’t really been a problem during this dynastic run. Their current record is 6-8 after this loss, and they will next play the Houston Rockets.

Warriors poor NBA season continues with loss to OKC Thunder

It’s a well-known fact in the NBA that even the best teams can seem dated in a matter of seconds. “Small and slow” nearly invariably translates into physical disadvantage in competitive athletics, which is just one of many realities about the sport in general.

Via Golden State Of Mind

The Warriors are facing the facts, and unless they find a way to refute them, they won’t make a deep postseason run. For head coach Steve Kerr, his staff, and a proud group of decorated veterans, this season is a test case.

Because of their resumes, Stephen Curry, Draymond Green, and Klay Thompson are able to maintain their self-belief. Chris Paul is still confident in himself because his career has placed him among the NBA’s all-time great traditional point guards. The Warriors will need a lot of effort as well as luck in order to start winning games

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