Tyreek Hill divorce: Dolphins WR gets fact-checked over “happily married” claim

The Miami Dolphins star wide receiver Tyreek Hill has an interesting life both on and off the field. The WR has been in the spotlight throughout this season for his exceptional performance. However, another reason that kept fans hooked was his personal life. 

Hill got married to Keeta Vaccaro in bye-week but as soon as the Dolphins season ended, news about their marriage falling apart surfaced. Even though the wide receiver (WR) denied the rumors of a divorce, there seems to be evidence suggesting otherwise.

Tyreek Hill’s “happily married” claim gets fact-checked

Recently, rumors started circulating that Tyreek Hill has filed for divorce from Keeta Vaccaro on Monday. Multiple media outlets reported the news, but the WR took to social media and called these rumors fake.

Hill shared a tweet from the Sun Sentinel stating that he had divorced his wife after 76 days of marriage. In response, the wide receiver (WR) commented, “Boy no the heck we didn’t so don’t put that in the air !!! We are happily married and gone stay that way.”

He publicly stated that he is happily married to Keeta Vaccaro, but fans quickly fact-checked his claim. They began sharing a screenshot from Broward County’s court website, displaying Tyreek Hill’s name and his divorce petition entry.

Reportedly, the WR’s family law attorney filed the divorce petition in Broward County court on Monday. When asked about the matter, the attorney declined to comment, stating, “No comment at this time.”

It’s unclear whether the divorce rumors are true or not, but it’s evident that the Dolphins player had a tough month. First, his team lost to the Chiefs, ending their season. Then, his house was burnt to ashes, and now his marriage life is under scrutiny.

Tyreek Hill’s marriage life timeline

Tyreek Hill has exclusively married Keeta Vaccaro, his longtime partner. The couple got engaged in 2021 and exchanged vows in November 2023.

Tyreek Hill
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Keeta Vaccaro is the sister of another NFL star, Kenny Vaccaro, who is a former NFL safety. She is an entrepreneur and a social media influencer with a substantial fanbase on Instagram. The couple has been married for only 76 days.

While Tyreek Hill has been married once, he has had numerous relationships in the past. One notable name linked to him is Crystal Espinal. They began dating in 2014, and the Dolphins player proposed to her, leading to their engagement in 2018. However, they eventually called off the engagement. Tyreek Hill has three children with Crystal Espinal.

In a more recent development, the WR has faced paternity suits from two different women. Camille Valmon claims he is the father of Tyreek D’Shaun Hill Jr. Brittany Lackner, the first woman to come forward, criticized the WR’s offered child support of $2,500 per month. 

Tyreek Hill
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Kimberly Baker, the second woman, filed a paternity suit, asserting that Hill is the father of her daughter Trae Love Hill. Both Lackner and Baker sought increased child support.

In total, the Dolphins player has six children with four different women. His notorious past relationships make his recent divorce rumors more believable for fans.

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