UFC champ Alexander Volkanovski breaks silence on rumored fight vs Islam Makhachev claims “I ain’t waiting until the end of the year”

Alexander Volkanovski, the UFC Featherweight Champion has broken his silence over the whispers of a prospective rematch against Islam Makhachev. Evidently, he appears to be pretty uninterested in waiting until the end of the year for a prospective fight.

The UFC offered Volkanovski the chance to face Makhachev later this year, but the champion is eager to return to the octagon as soon as possible. After a closely contested fight at UFC 284, in which some fans and fighters believed Volkanovski should have won, there has been a lot of buzz surrounding a rematch.

Alexander Volkanovski

Alexander Volkanovski Chooses to Stay Active: Turns Down Makhachev Rematch for UFC Interim Featherweight Championship Fight Against Rodriguez

However, Volkanovski’s next fight is rumored to be against Yair Rodriguez for the UFC Interim Featherweight Championship at UFC 290 on July 8. Volkanovski revealed to The Mac Life that he wanted to keep active and fight as soon as possible, which is why he opted to focus on his next battle with Rodriguez.

Despite this, Volkanovski revealed that the UFC offered him the opportunity to have a rematch with Makhachev for the Lightweight Championship later this year. Nonetheless, he made it extremely obvious that he is hesitant to fight until the end of the season, declaring, “I ain’t waiting until the end of the year.”

Makhachev, who currently has no official opponent, could face Dustin Poirier next according to UFC lightweight Beneil Dariush. If both Makhachev and Volkanovski are successful in their upcoming fights, a rematch could be in the cards. In the realm of combat sports, anything can happen. And the Ultimate Fighting Championship is quite notorious for its unpredictability.

Volkanovski: A Warrior Spirit Dedicated to Constant Evolution in the UFC Octagon

To put it in perspective, Alexander Volkanovski’s dedication to staying active and continuously improving as a fighter is a testament to his warrior spirit and relentless pursuit of greatness in the octagon.

While a rematch against Islam Makhachev may be on the horizon, Volkanovski remains focused on his upcoming fight against Yair Rodriguez and is ready to take on all comers in the featherweight division.

Volkanovski’s tenacity and grit serve as an inspiration to competitors and spectators alike as the UFC continues to innovate and push the frontiers of combat sports, reminding us that anything is possible in the realm of mixed martial arts.

Only time will tell if Alexander Volkanovski and Islam Makhachev fight again, but one thing is certain: the UFC Featherweight Champion is keen to keep busy and fight as much as possible.

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