UFC champ Sean O’Malley claims potential bout with Alexander Volkanovski has halted his ambitions to switch to flyweight division

Sean O’Malley is fresh off his title win against former bantamweight champion Aljamain Sterling. “The Funk Master” had previously teased a move to featherweight to face Alexander Volkanovski, and “The Great” also showed interest.

Since ‘Sugar’ emerged victorious against Sterling, he has teased a rematch against Chito Vera over a featherweight move to face Volkanovski. However, this doesn’t mean the bantamweight champ isn’t confident in his ability to knock Volkanovski out.

Suga Sean wants to change division after Volk moves to 155

The next opponent for Sean O’Malley has yet to be decided, but “The Great” is ruled out of the equation for now. The Suga Show revealed that he doesn’t plan on changing divisions as long as Volkanovski holds the championship there.

In a recent interview to ThatWasEpic , Sean O’Malley praised Volkanovski and said that he is the best pound for pound fighter in the whole world right now. “That motherfucker is the pound-for-pound best in the world right now,” the bantamweight champion said.

However, the bantamweight champion is also confident in his abilities to defeat Volkanovski if the day comes. The Suga Show is confident that he can knock anyone out, but O’Malley is aware that it will be much more challenging to beat the Australian.

“I feel like I can definitely knock Alexander Volkanovski out. It’d be fricking very, very difficult. But I mean, maybe in a year or two if he’s still there, I would do it. But I think he’s going to move up to 155, so it depends who’s champ.” The Suga Show said.

Update on Sean vs Chito rematch

The current Bantamweight champion has only lost once in his professional career, and it came against none other than Chito Vera. Talks about a rematch between O’Malley and Vera have been ongoing for months now, with both fighters also engaging in online altercations.

O’Malley has dismissed the idea that he lost to Vera in the past, so he doesn’t view it as a rematch. However, he does believe it’s the biggest fight that can be made right now in the weight class, which is why he wants it.

However Chito Vera doesn’t holds the same opinion, Vera is unsure that The Suga Show will fight him again. At the Noche UFC QandA, Chito Vera told fans and reporters that they haven’t heard anything from O’Malley’s side yet.

Vera has been breaking sweat in the gym and claims that he has been training like he’s fighting Sean O’Malley in December. “The guy was talking about fighting and stuff like that, and now he’s backing out. I guess when you’re a champion you can call the shots, so let’s see what that bitch wants to do.” he said.

Tell us in the comments your thoughts on who do you think will challenge Sean O’Malley for the bantamweight gold or Sean O’Malley will move up to fight Volkanovski?


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