UFC commentator Joe Rogan makes bold claim on Israel Adesanya vs Alex Pereira rivalry: “I Don’t think it is 3-1”

Joe Rogan, the famous UFC commentator, strongly believes that Israel Adesanya defeated Alex Pereira in their first encounter, despite a poor decision from the judges.

In their second kickboxing bout, Pereira was in jeopardy but was saved by a standing eight count, which Rogan highlighted as luck being on his side. This gave him the opportunity to recover and ultimately win the fight in spectacular fashion with a thunderous left punch.

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Rogan’s Analysis of Adesanya-Pereira Rivalry: Judges’ Decision and Recovery Opportunities Altered the Game

On a recent episode of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, Rogan quite vehemently argued that rather than the 3-1 result suggested by his guest, the contest between Adesanya and Pereira should have ended with a score of 2-1 in favor of Adesanya. He continued by saying that the judges in their first kickboxing battle had made a mistake. In the next bout, Rogan rightly pointed out how the standing eight counts that were given to Pereira dramatically altered the fight, to say the least.

He speculated that the opportunity thrown was intentional to give Pereira a chance to recover and ultimately win in spectacular fashion. Despite this defeat, Adesanya was able to eventually redeem himself in their last fight at UFC 287. He defeated Pereira convincingly, putting an end to their rivalry. Since his first defeat to Adesanya, Pereira has declared his desire to advance to the 205-pound weight class.

The Fine Margins of Combat Sports: Joe Rogan and his “Insights” into Adesanya-Pereira Rivalry

In the overall realm of combat sports, even the tiniest of margins can make all the difference in the world. Joe Rogan’s analysis of the Adesanya-Pereira rivalry demonstrates the critical role of factors like judging decisions, luck, and recovery periods in determining the outcome of fights. By delving into the details of their matches, Rogan provides an inside scoop on the nuances of the sport and offers unique insights that casual fans may overlook.

Ultimately, the Adesanya-Pereira rivalry is a reminder of the unpredictability and excitement that make combat sports so captivating. Anything can happen in the octagon, including a lucky break, a bad decision, or a stunning comeback. We can only hope that the sport will continue to offer us the same thrilling thrills that we have become accustomed to receiving from the UFC and other combat sports.

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