UFC commentator wants UFC to pull the trigger on Ronda Rousey return in now or never moment

Ronda Rousey should be reinstated for another appearance in the octagon, according to a UFC pundit. For him, this is an urgent “now or never” situation. The analyst thinks that her comeback would greatly increase fan interest and excitement while also drawing attention to women’s MMA.

This request for action emphasizes the need to build on the current momentum and maximize Rousey’s star power. In the end, it remains to be seen if the UFC would take this counsel and support the illustrious fighter’s comeback.

Jon Anik declines the notion of returning stars directly thrown into title picture

Jon Anik, a well-known broadcaster and analyst in the realm of combat sports, has come out strongly against the idea of returning stars being thrust into the title picture right away. He favors sustaining the ideals of meritocracy and fair competition rather than promoting special treatment for well-liked competitors.

The analyst believes that winning championships shouldn’t be decided by a player’s reputation or past success alone. Instead, he urges warriors to establish their worth by rising through the ranks and outlasting serious competitors.

His approach honors the effort and commitment of other competitors who have successfully fought for their places in the title picture. He highlights the significance of having a level playing field and retaining the excitement and anticipation that comes with genuine championship bouts by rejecting the idea of fast-tracking returning stars.

In general, Anik’s stance encourages fighters to earn their position at the top by merit rather than relying primarily on their brand value or past accomplishments, promoting a sense of fairness and honesty in combat sports.

Commentator doubles down on his theory despite Ronda’s stature in the business

Despite Ronda Rousey’s prominence as a well-known name in the combat sports industry, analyst Jon Anik is adamant in his theory and insists on his position.

Any considerations of a fighter’s celebrity or prestige are put aside in favor of Anik’s steadfast commitment to the ideals of meritocracy and fair competition. He argues that regardless of their prior accomplishments, every fighter should earn their way back into the title picture by establishing themselves in respectable competition.


Anik shows his commitment to the competitive nature of combat sports and the significance of allowing deserving competitors their chance to shine, regardless of their prior accomplishments, by doubling down on his notion.

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