UFC Fight suspicious betting controversy didn’t end with year 2022, concern grows as another UFC fight has been flagged for suspicious line movement

Another UFC fight has recently sparked suspicion and speculation just after when the most recent betting scandal calmed down. UFC flyweight fighter Charles Johnson will face submission specialist Jimmy Flick on January 14 in the bout that already has sparked controversy.

Previously, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) authority had no choice but to ban featherweight champion Darrick Minner and mixed martial arts coach James Krause last December due to the issue surrounding the likelihood of gambling activity.

Krause, Darrick’s coach, prepped him for a battle against Chinese fighter Shayilan Nuerdanbieke around a month ago. Immediately after the fight, a lot of reliable sources began to question the fight’s legitimacy. Krause, as well as all active fighters who were coached and trained by him, were suspended immediately following the fight.

Now it appears that the UFC’s devastating humiliation was just the start of a prolonged betting scandal after another fight aroused regulators’ suspicions. The UFC has begun the new year by investigating another fight’s suspicious line movement.

Flick, the man at the focus of suspicion, clarified his position in the midst of all the betting turmoil during an interview with MMA journalist Alex Behunin. The 32-year-old is expected to make a comeback in this bout after retiring last year before changing his mind.

“Apparently, the line has changed. I’m a +500 underdog, which is great, I love that,” Flick said about the suspicious line change.

The Brick has also made it clear that he has no connection to the suspended coach James Krause.

“I don’t know what people’s conspiracies are or what’s going on, and why we had this jump. But me and the guy I’m fighting are not involved with James Krause, so everybody, we’re good there.

“But I think it makes sense. I mean, I haven’t fought in two years. I’m a submission guy. Charles is 1-1 in the UFC, very active in the last couple years, and he’s never been finished. So, I think it makes sense, doesn’t bother me none. I think they’ll slim out a little bit as we get close to fight night.” Flick also added.


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