UFC fighter Jeff Molina shocks MMA world coming out as bisexual in wake of controversial leaked private video

American UFC fighter Jeff Molina has dropped a bombshell stunning pretty much the entire combat sports world. Following a leaked sex tape, Molina has come out as bisexual. He is deeply saddened for the fact that he did not get to come out on his own terms.

‘El Jeffe’ had an explicit tape of him leaked, where he was seen performing fellatio on another man. Following the unwarranted leak, he was compelled to reveal his sexuality.

Molina took to Twitter to disclose that he was a bisexual, and has been for a long time. He could not believe his eyes when he saw a private moment getting leaked. The flyweight fighter labeled the leak to be a “disturbed”


human being.


Jeff Molina explains why he did not come out earlier

In a lengthy twitter post, Molina revealed his scenario. He did not want to come out while being a UFC fighter. He feels that combat sports fans, on a whole, are “homophobic.” Besides he did not want to be seen differently by his compatriots, his idols, his fellow fighters just because he had a sexual orientation and inclination that was out of his control.

He found it unfortunate that he had to come out this way,  “Not the way I wanted to do this but the chance to do it when I was ready was taken from me.” Especially, when he planned to carry on with his UFC life concealing his sexual orientation, he had to reveal it in an unwanted fashion.

Which is why he was fully committed towards establishing himself as a worthy fighter. He claimed that he only wanted to be known as a great fighter, not “bi fighter” which will eventually turn into a “gay fighter.”

Jeff Molina was sure about his sexuality all along

It is very sad that almost after eleven years of blood, sweat and tears, Molina has to shed tears for all the wrong reasons. He was always careful about keeping his dating life and octagon life separate. Molina claimed that he dated a number of girls. At the same time, he always understood his penchant towards the same sex during his wrestling days, college days and even after fulfilling his UFC dreams.

In his message, he made it clear that he has his own set of moral codes and values. He does not care how much he has riled up the internet. Following these unfortunate events, he is focusing on the fact that he is getting a lot of support too.

The flyweight fighter has a stellar record of 11-2, clinching four of them by knockout. In light of recent events, he is labelled as the first openly bisexual male fighter. This also makes him the first male UFC fighter from the LGBTQ+ community. He has never been knocked out in his UFC career. And as he would make out of it, he would want it to be that way in terms of social media as well.


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