UFC HOF Randy Couture warns Jake Paul to avoid facing experienced MMA fighters in PFL journey

Many people were skeptical of Jake Paul’s decision to enter the world of MMA, including Randy Couture, who recently advised Jake to be extremely cautious when choosing his first PFL opponent.

After remaining unbeaten for the entirety of his professional boxing career, which lasted for a total of four years, YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul decided to enter the world of mixed martial arts by signing up for a multi-fight multi-year deal with Professional Fighters League.

As a legend in the UFC, Randy advises Jake to be cautious while picking his first opponent.

Since Jake signed on with PFL, he’s been inundated with fight offers from high-profile MMA fighters like Anthony Pettis and Jeremy Stephens. Randy believes PFL will give him some time to get his feet under him as they did with Kayla Harrison and Claressa Shields.

“To learn and adjust and adapt and transition to being a bonafide MMA fighter. Obviously, we know his boxing skills are on point, but can he stop a takedown? What’s he going to do when he hits his back? Because at some point, he’s going to hit his back.” said Randy.

In 2020, Jake Paul stepped into the professional boxing ring. Since then, he has gone six bouts without being defeated. He is dubbed “The Problem Child” and has risen to prominence due to his record in the ring and his recent win over Brazilian fighting veteran Anderson Silva.

However, PFL analyst Randy expresses his uncertainty on which weight class Jake should compete in given that the PFL does not have a weight class for 185 pounds.

”I think Jake could probably make 170, but he’s not a small guy. So what weight class is he going to compete at? We don’t have a 185lb class at least at this stage in the PFL. So, he’s going to be a 205 or 170, that’s going to be interesting. You get him in with one of these fighters but not a marquee fighter.” Couture further added.

Jake Paul and Tommy Fury are scheduled to fight in February, and both have lately begun training in preparation for their forthcoming fight.


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