UFC legend Alex Pereira drops bombshell on his next showdown sending shockwaves among fans

Alex Pereira, the former UFC middleweight champion and Glory kickboxing middleweight champion, has decided to make a bold move by stepping up to the light heavyweight division. The Brazilian fighter will make his UFC debut in the 205-pound weight class. He’s excited to showcase his skills against the best fighters in the world.

Alex Pereira is going to move up a weight class

Pereira is known for his impressive striking skills, having won multiple kickboxing titles throughout his career. He made his MMA debut in 2019 and has since amassed a record of 7-2. Despite his recent loss to his arch nemesis Israel Adesanya, and losing the middleweight throne, ‘Poatan’ is looking forward to new challenges.

The decision to move up to the light heavyweight division was not an easy one for Pereira. However, he believes that he’s ready to take on bigger opponents and prove himself as one of the top fighters in the UFC. Dana White even tipped him for the bigger weight class.

In a video tweet, Pereira shared his readiness to take on the challenge of moving up a weight class, expressing that he has been working hard and is currently in peak physical condition. The Brazilian fighter is excited to showcase his skills in the light heavyweight division. Fans have positively reacted to Pereira’s decision, with many expressing their excitement to see him compete in a new weight class.

However, not all fans have been supportive of Pereira’s decision, and some have expressed frustration towards both the Brazilian fighter and UFC President Dana White.


Pereira’s decision comes after Adesanya loss

Pereira’s first opponent in the light heavyweight division has not yet been announced. However, fans are eagerly anticipating his debut in this weight class. He’s already proven himself as a formidable striker, and his move to the 205-pound weight class could make him even more dangerous.

While some fighters struggle to adapt to a new weight class, Pereira seems confident that he’ll have no issues making the transition. He’s been training hard. Besides, he is working on his grappling skills. This could prove to be a valuable asset in the light heavyweight division. While that did not come in handy against Adesanya at UFC 287, he is banking on himself to implement these skills in the bigger weight class.

Only time will tell how Pereira will fare in the light heavyweight division. One thing is for sure: he’s not afraid of a challenge. By making the bold move to 205 pounds, he’s proven that he’s willing to take risks. He will push himself to the limit. Fans can’t wait to see what he’ll do next in the octagon.

How do you think Pereira will fare in the light heavyweight division?


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