UFC legend Daniel Cormier discloses Brock Lesnar was ready to retire in 2022 leaving fans stunned

Brock Lesnar, widely considered one of the WWE’s greatest draws was close to retirement. Former UFC rival Daniel Cormier revealed that during the Covid-19 pandemic, Lesnar came close to retiring from pro wrestling. Lesnar has headlined some of the promotion’s most successful pay-per-view events in history.

During a recent interview with Max Holloway, Cormier talked about how he detested fighting in an empty arena without fans. Referring to Lesnar’s personal experience as a pro-wrestler during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Lesnar’s WWE Departure: What Led to the Rumors of His Exit?

‘DC’ declared: “I couldn’t stand that. We don’t fight for nothing. You know what Brock Lesnar told me?… He said that when he returned to the WWE after the pandemic and was wrestling in front of those screens, with no one in attendance, he said, ‘I’m finished. I didn’t join this for this. I want to perform in front of a live crowd.'”

Following his appearance at WrestleMania 36 in April 2020, where Drew McIntyre defeated him and took his championship, Lesnar declared that he had retired from pro wrestling. Nonetheless, he reconsidered his decision and came back to WWE in 2021. He now frequently appears at the wrestling promotion and performs on Raw and SmackDown.

Was there ever a UFC fight between Daniel Cormier & Brock Lesnar?

Although many fans would have relished watching a showdown between Daniel Cormier and Brock Lesnar, the two never competed against each other in the cage. Nevertheless, this was not due to a lack of effort on their part.

Brock Lesnar

Following Cormier’s remarkable first-round knockout triumph over Stipe Miocic at UFC 226, ‘DC’ earned not only the heavyweight title but also became the second two-division champion in the promotion’s history. Immediately after his victory, Daniel Cormier called out Brock Lesnar, who was in the audience. He stated:

“Listen to ‘DC’, listen to ‘DC’. I have known a wrestler, an all-American, and a former UFC champion for a long time. I never imagined fighting him, but Brock Lesner, get your a** in here!”

At Daniel Cormier’s request, Lesnar entered the octagon to confront ‘DC.’ After exchanging some words, ‘The Beast Incarnate’ pushed the former two-division champion as they were separated by security. Joe Rogan approached Lesnar with a microphone, and he said:

“Let me tell you something. I walked into this building and watched the heavyweight disasters from the beginning. [Francis] Ngannou’s a piece of sh*t. [Stipe] Miocic’s a piece of sh*t. ‘DC’, I’m coming for you”

Regrettably, the much-anticipated bout never came to fruition, leaving fight enthusiasts disappointed. Please share your thoughts in the comment section below regarding who you believe would have emerged victorious if this fight ever took place.


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