“MMA fighters are the dumbest”: Fans Outraged after UFC Champ Israel Adesanya Praises Andrew Tate

Israel Adesanya, the UFC middleweight champ and style icon, recently turned heads by praising the notorious social media influencer, Andrew Tate. Yep, you heard that right! Adesanya, aka “The Last Stylebender,” gave props to Tate for urging men to own up in a world that’s all about being soft.

Israel Adesanya

Israel Adesanya Condemns Emasculation of Men in the Modern World, His Views on Masculinity and Controversial Praise for Tate Amidst Allegations

Speaking on the Honey Badger Hour podcast alongside former MMA fighter Emilio Urrutia, Adesanya expressed his admiration for Tate’s approach to masculinity. He mentioned Tate, along with other prominent figures like Jordan Peterson and Dave Goggins, as individuals who are actively promoting accountability among men.

Adesanya further explained his perspective on the emasculation of men in today’s society. He referenced a statement made by Jordan Peterson about how in the past, powerful figures would kill fighting-age males to quell uprisings. Adesanya argued that in the present day, such actions are not feasible, so instead, men are being “p**sified” and made to feel emasculated.


The controversy around Adesanya’s praise for Tate is heightened due to Tate’s current legal troubles. Ironically, Tate, who was a contestant on Big Brother, is currently incarcerated in Romania. He was put there after being detained on suspicion of rape, human trafficking, and forming an organized crime syndicate to exploit ladies, allegations that he vehemently denies.

Beyond the Octagon: Adesanya’s Proactive Message for Men and His Unrelenting Drive for Another Fight

Adesanya also touched upon the issue of men’s emotional responses to problems. He disclosed that he has just learned through therapy to “don’t react, respond.”

Thus, highlighting the significance of taking time to calmly and rationally respond to situations, rather than reacting impulsively. Adesanya believes that many men could avoid unnecessary trouble and violence by adopting this approach.

In other news, UFC President Dana White has revealed that Adesanya has been relentlessly pursuing another fight shortly after his recent title win. Despite the tradition of fighters taking time off after championship bouts, Adesanya has been actively reaching out to UFC headquarters, eager to get back in the cage.

To sum up, Israel Adesanya’s recent praise for Andrew Tate has stirred controversy among fans, as Tate faces serious allegations. Adesanya’s views on masculinity and accountability for men, along with his emphasis on responding rather than reacting, have sparked discussions within the UFC community.

As Adesanya continues to make waves both in and out of the octagon, fans await his next move with anticipation.

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