“You’re not missing out on anything”: Baltimore QB Lamar Jackson shares motivational tweet amid uncertain NFL contract

The Baltimore Ravens star quarterback Lamar Jackson was placed on a non-exclusive franchise tag in March after refusing an extension deal offered by the franchise, and his future is still uncertain.

Lamar has been one of the best rushing quarterbacks in the league, but the last season didn’t favor him much to stay on top. A PCL injury and struggling performance have made him one of the most undesirable athletes in the league right now.

The Ravens star was unfazed given the present situation, and recently he shared some cryptic messages on social media, no matter what.

What did Lamar Jackson post?

Given the situation, anyone would go frustrated and depressed, but the 26-year-old appears to be untouched by his volatile situation. Recently, he shared some motivational messages on his Instagram page.

“Go ahead and take a break from socializing while you’re working on yourself, your career and your life. You’re not missing out on anything; it will all be there when you’re done,” the 2019 MVP wrote.

“Even though you try to keep them people with you, god has mysterious ways of showing you that those people’s time with you has passed all love, but you can’t stay on this ride,” the two-time pro bowler wrote in another story.

The quarterback, who was passing touchdowns again, said, “Don’t change yourself so that other people like you. Be yourself so that other people love you.”

“Lows bring highs; lessons bring blessings, and setbacks bring comebacks,” Jackson finally stopped.

It seems, no matter how cool or damn caring he looked on the outside, that he is basically struggling to find ground under his feet like everyone else.

Previously, at the beginning of the season, he declined an offer because he believed he deserved more, but the plan backfired on him, and the Ravens are still waiting for him to come back with a reasonable offer.

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