UFC middleweight contender Sean Strickland reveals on why he’s the ‘coolest’ MMA fighter in the world

Sean Strickland is quickly becoming one of the most talked about and entertaining fighters in the sport and it’s not owing to his fighting skills. The emerging middleweight contender is currently not fighting for the title but is trying to make a case to be considered the ‘Coolest’ MMA fighter.

In his defense, he said, “Let me tell you guys why I’m the coolest f**king MMA fighter. Say you’ve got a favorite MMA fighter like Izzy [Adesanya] or someone. You know what, you just can’t go train with that guy. You can’t hit that motherf**ker up and be like, hey, man, I’m a fan. I want to come spar you,”

He further added, “But me on the other hand, you hit me up and go like, yo I’m in Vegas. I want to f**king come spar you. I’m like man, roll through. I’ll give you that f**king work. Right? Like, I’ll be in San Diego this weekend and I’ll give you that f**king work. You’ve just got to hit me up. That’s why I’m the coolest MMA fighter.”

What makes Sean Strickland the coolest MMA fighter?

Well, Sean definitely has some merits to him. First of all, he is not afraid to go after almost anyone and everyone in the sport. In the same breath, he can criticize himself for being a company man who fights almost anyone if the amount is right. He goes after his opponents ferociously but isn’t afraid to make fun of himself periodically either.

Another cool aspect of him is reacting to real-life situations as many normal people would. At a recent promotional event, he was put against Detroit Survival Training Guy for a promotional stunt for a company. But instead of playing along, he tumbled the Tiktoker against a shelf and later challenged him to a fight.

We don’t approve of all actions performed by Sean but it’s hard to ignore the occasional entertainment he provides.


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