UFC president Dana White addresses on “Robbery” claims following Islam Makhachev vs Alexander Volkanovski at UFC 284

In a unanimous decision, Islam Makhachev was declared the winner over Alexander Volkanovski, prompting many UFC enthusiasts to refer to the verdict as a “daylight robbery.” The President of the UFC, Dana White, who had kept himself from making any statements before, has now addressed the “Robbery” accusations.

The highly anticipated super-fight between Islam Makhachev and Alexander Volkanovski took place at the RAC Arena in Perth as part of the main event of UFC284. Islam managed to successfully defend his lightweight title against Alexander Volkanovski as the judges’ scores came in at 48-47, 48-47, and 49-46 in his favor.

After Islam Makhachev’s victory over Alexander “The Great” Volkanovski, the Russian is the new pound-for-pound best fighter in the world  However, a significant number of mixed martial arts athletes and fans resorted to Twitter in order to express their dissatisfaction with the result of the fight and the judge’s decision.

As Alexander Volkanovski was not declared the winner, UFC commentator Joe Rogan is among many who think he should have. The American podcaster shared his reactions to the event and the judges’ decision in real-time throughout the podcast.

Even though the MMA fan was virtually positive that Volkanovski would be declared the winner, it was Islam who ultimately prevailed.

” Volkanovski is the f*****g double champ, 100 per cent.” said Joe in his live-stream.

Fans were treated to nonstop entertaining combat sports during the whole 25 minutes and five rounds of the battle between two of the world’s best pound-for-pound fighters. Many analysts of UFC believed the decision could have gone either way because both fighters showed incredible MMA skills.

Following his own review of the fight footage, Volkanovski claimed victory in rounds 2, 3, and 5, whereas Islam claims that the Australian only held the upper hand in the fight’s closing minutes. Volkanovski asked for a rematch with Islam Makhachev for the 155-pound title in the near future.


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