UFC President Dana White weighs in on Leon Edwards vs Kamaru Usman trilogy bout result at UFC 286

The Leon vs Kamaru trilogy was far too competitive for some members of the community to agree on a definitive result. It was so close that Dana White could not even bring himself to score that match. The UFC boss reacted to this fight as a part of the routine. However, he dropped a bombshell after his sharing reaction, announcing that Colby Covington will have a shot at this title next time around.

How does Colby Covington’s recent record match up to the records of Leon Edwards and Kamaru Usman? 

Colby last fought back on March 6, 2022, at UFC 272. He headlined that event where he clinched a victory against Jorge Masvidal by a unanimous decision. The American welterweight was in attendance for Edwards Vs Usman 3. He made sure that people noticed his presence.

Colby, prior to this fight, had a title shot against Kamaru where ‘The Nigerian Nightmare’ defended his title. However, Kamaru is finding life hard at this point. After losing the title to Leon, he could not regain the championship.

Dana White
Dana White announced Colby Covington to be next in line for the welterweight title shot

Kamaru had a 15-game unbeaten run prior to his match against Leon. ‘Rocky’ then decided to show up and make the world fall in love with his underdog story. Leon himself was on a 9-game win streak, and now he has stretched that to 11.

Coincidentally, the streak started after his first match against Kamaru, where he lost the fight. Since then, Leon has impressed the world, and he has most certainly impressed the UFC boss. Dana White was in awe of these two fighters.

Dana White was awestruck by Edwards Vs Usman 3

In a post-match press conference, Dana revealed that he wished Kamaru used his grappling and wrestled more than he did. On the other hand, he understood why could not. For which, he applauded Leon as he repeatedly blocked a myriad of attempts by the former welterweight champ.

The fight was so exhilarating that Dana was still in the dark about the results. He was immersed in the fight to the extent that he did not even score the match. On the counts of the announcer Bruce Buffer, Dana came to his senses and got to know the results. Leon eventually won that match by 48-46, 47-47, and 48-46.

The fans were still struggling to digest the results of the main event. Dana, however, had other plans as he announced Colby as the number one contender for the welterweight title later on.

How do you think Colby Covington will fare against Leon Edwards?


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