Watch: UFC 286 arena suffers blackout during Muhammad Mokaev vs Jafel Filho fight

UFC 286 lived up to its hype for many fans. The main event was electrifying, and so were the other fights on the cards. However, the event was impeded by a bizarre event in between the fights. There was a blackout right before the fight between Muhammad Mokaev and Jafael Filho.

What exactly did happen before the Mokaev-Filho bout?

What transpired in the O2 Arena was truly a scene to behold, even though it was a rare scene. Announcer Bruce Buffer had already introduced the fighters and announced the instructions for the fight. Right before the two lightweights were about to start the fight, the lights went out in the entire arena.

Fans, shrugging off their surprise, were quick to turn on their phones. The arena lit up like the fans illuminating a concert with flashlights on their phone while enjoying a breezy track. The scenes over there were, however, the farthest from being breezy as fans and the commentators fastened their seat belts to immerse themselves in the bout.

The lights turned on after a seemingly long 30 seconds. Whether the fans were exasperated or not, they sure seemed unsettled as they let out a sigh of relief after the resumption of regular services in the arena. The two fighters in the middle were relieved to be out of the situation as well.

Mokaev tapped Filho out

Before the blackout could have any substantial impact on the fighters, referee Herb Dean immediately commenced the fight..which must have settled their nerves. Mokaev inched over Filho with just a minute left on the clock in the last round.

Mokaev later explained a situation where he was in a tight stranglehold. He felt like his knee was going to pop out. Yet he refused to submit. His shoulder injury bothered him as well. Against all the adversities, he came out as the victor as he tapped Fiziev out.

The Russian-born Englishman had the last laugh. Things could have gone differently as he could have gone astray with his injuries. In light of the UFC blackout, one might raise the question of whether that unnerved Filho. Or so to say, that might have hit the lights out of Filho.

What is your opinion on such blackouts during fights?



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