UFC Rumor: Nate Diaz is set to make return in 2023 for lucrative trilogy bout vs Conor McGregor

In 2016, Nate Diaz battled Conor McGregor twice, and they each emerged victorious once. Fans have not given up hope on an iconic trilogy bout despite the fact that they have not fought in seven years. There have been numerous speculations suggesting that Nate is prepared to return and take on Conor once more.

Diaz (26-10, 1 NC) had his last bout in UFC 279 against Tony Ferguson and had a victory after three long years.  On the other hand Conor is out of the octagon for more than one year now due to injury. Conor is still getting better, though, and hopes to be back soon next year.

Nate shocked the world when he beat Conor in their first ever bout in UFC196. However, a rematch between Nate and Conor took place just within five months and the Irish fighter had his revenge on Nate. Nate is currently out of a UFC contract and Conor is recovering from injury.

Like hundreds of other UFC fans, Chael Sonnen thinks that a trilogy match will undoubtedly happen. The former UFC star discussed his opinions on yet another potential matchup between them while speaking with The MMA Hour.

 “What I’m trying to say is all options are on the table.” Chael said.

Conor McGregor , Nate Diaz
Conor McGregor while fighting Nate Diaz

“But that option is also to return to the UFC and to fight Conor McGregor. That’s not just gone now, and it has to be Jake Paul or Floyd Mayweather and he’s got to go start his own promotion. Those things are all possibilities, but a return is also on the table – in fact, I think it’s leading the charge of what’s possible for Nate Diaz.” Sonnen added.

Nate Diaz’s contract with UFC may have ended, but he is not done yet with UFC. As he has just enjoyed a combat between Jake Paul and Anderson Silva, it is reasonable to believe that he will also participate in the trilogy showdown against The Notorious if things work out properly for both of them. 

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