UFC star Colby Covington once vowed to beat ‘coward’ LeBron James within 10 seconds after their political spat

Colby Covington’s ascent in the UFC is undeniably a testament to his dedication to mixed martial arts. His victories against formidable opponents showcase his well-rounded skills, seamlessly blending wrestling with striking techniques.

What sets Covington apart is his reputation for trash-talking. He doesn’t confine his verbal confrontations to welterweight fighters but takes on anyone, including individuals from different weight classes. This fearlessness in verbal sparring has solidified his status as one of the most entertaining and controversial figures in the sport.

UFC star Colby Covington once vowed to beat ‘coward’ LeBron James under 10 seconds

One notable incident occurred when Covington criticized NBA superstar LeBron James during a post-fight press conference. ‘Chaos’ dedicated his victory to law enforcement and the military while taking a swipe at ‘woke athletes’ like LeBron James.

James had been a vocal supporter of the ‘Defund the Police’ movement, raising concerns about police-related violence. Covington used social media to critique LeBron’s NBA career and his alignment with what he referred to as ‘woke ideology.’

Covington continued to call him out, even mocking him for allegedly contributing to declining NBA ratings. He even proclaimed that James wouldn’t last 10 seconds if they were to fight.

Colby Covington

After the Los Angeles Lakers secured victory in Game 2 of the Western Conference Finals against the Denver Nuggets, LeBron James, a pivotal player in the win, didn’t mince words in his rebuttal to Covington. He criticized Covington, suggesting that he would succumb to pressure.

Why Colby Covington called LeBron James a ‘spineless coward’?

Covington’s ability to generate controversy and engage in high-profile feuds has made him a polarizing figure in the world of MMA. His outspoken style and comments have garnered him friends with the conservatives and enemies with the liberals.

Covington called Lebron James a coward after his victory over Tyron Woodley. Covington opposes woke ideologies, and LeBron James, being a ‘woke’ athlete, doesn’t align with Covington’s views.

“The L-Train” has criticized the former President, Donald Trump Jr. However, Covington has claimed to be Donald Trump’s favorite fighter—a claim refuted by Covington’s friend-turned-foe, Jorge Masvidal.

Colby Covington

Covington will be contending for the welterweight title for the third time against Leon Edwards before the end of 2023. Who do you think is right? Colby Covington or LeBron James? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section. 


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